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Funny Or Stupid DeathIt is quite normal when people avoid discussing the death or afterlife. Death plays some role in people’s life but sometimes it finds some people unawares. My task for today is not to expand your knowledge about death or its effects it in general or details but our academic writing essay service is going to tell a few interesting stories. These stories describe the cases when people died in very interesting situations. It seems to me, none of them was ready to finish his life exactly at that time. Maybe some situations seem strange and even ridiculous to you but be sure all of them had their place in life.

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Top 10 Ridiculous Deaths

Darwin Prize is not the ordinary prize and I won’t be surprise if you have never heard about it. The prize is given for the very ridiculous death. As a rule people can’t use this award. I know it is a little bit strange and even awful as we used to believe that death is always sad but sometimes such unusual situations are happened. I invite all of you to read some of them.

1) American Peter Stone was killed by his little (8 years old) daughter. The situation was quite usual for the family: father and daughter quarreled and Peter decided to punish the child. The punishment was quite ordinary – he sent his daughter to the room and left the child without dinner. But the girl did not resign herself, as was proper, but decided to take revenge. And her revenge was cruel. She poured in about 70 pills of rat poison into a cup of coffee for her father. Peter died immediately after the first sip. Before the law the girl was acquitted as people thought the poor girl did not understand what she was doing. But in a month she killed her mother in the same way. It turns out to be dangerous to leave children without dinner.

2) Megan Fry was accidentally shot by a policeman. The lady was just 44 years old and she accidentally found herself in a specially constructed urban area to simulate police fighting. As soon as Megan saw the policemen she jumped to men and started screaming. At this moment the reaction of the policemen was unpredictable for her: they thought that she is just a realistic goal and started shooting at a woman. Megan died as she had 42 bullet wounds. Sometimes to joke with cops is really very and very dangerous.

3) On the road, there are often accidents when people get under the car. Such an accident happened in New York. The car hit one man but he was alive and unharmed. He really was lucky if not the stupid advice of a passerby. The passerby advice was to lie back under the car and pretend to be injured. In such a way he can demand compensation. But as soon as he lied back, the car immediately moved from the place and moved him. As a result we can say: never be greedy. We know the perfect service to proofread your essay online.

4) The woman died right in her bed. Adelaide Magnoso was 80 years old and at that time she pulled a folding bed out of the closet. Then she went to bed, but she could not sleep for a long time. The bed sprung and returned to its original state. And there was no Adelaide Magnoso on this Earth. Stupid situation and bad bed but who could have guessed what happened. Maybe the old women did something wrong but no one knows.

5) One fisherman in South Korea died while he sorted out his catch. The fishing was lucky at that time for this man but he could not even imagine that he will die almost immediately afterwards. Soon fisherman began to tinder his catch (, one of them slipped out of his hand and hit the knife which he hold in other hand. A moment later the knife stabbed into man's chest.

6) The daughter died at her mother's funeral. This story has nothing to do about the film Death at a funeral. One old American woman died and the doctors said she had the heart attack. But it turned out that no. When her funeral was, she rose from the grave and asked: what happened? The daughter saw this situation and had a real shock and died on the spot. Do not always trust doctors.

7) On the bridge in Vietnam, several curious people died. People have learned that a suicide is about to jump from a bridge. A crowd of 50 curious people gathered at once. But the bridge was not as reliable as expected. The bridge fell through. As a result the suicide was saved and 9 people died. My advice to you: remember that curiosity does not lead to good.

8) The boy killed his father. One more situation when children are not as innocent as we sometimes think. Ten years old boy quarreled with his dad. As a result the dad gave a knife to son and said: if you hate me, stab me ( I am not going to explain what the stupid father expected, apparently he believed too much in his son. The little boy showed obedience – he drove a knife into his dad.

9) Steven had many health problems. He was only 32 year old but he already had several organ transplants - liver, kidney, stomach. People like to say that it is impossible to escape from the fate. And it is true in this situation. When Steve decided to screw the light bulb, he fell, hit his head and died.

10) Peter Gruber died when he was attempting to rob. He chose a great and unusual object – Museum of Art. Suddenly he saw guards who were approaching to him and Peter tried to escape. He turned sharply around the corner and here his death expected him. There was the meter sword of the statue. The exhibit was called The Arms of Justice. Be sure, justice is everywhere.

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