Real Robinsons: People With An Unusual Destiny


People With An Unusual DestinyHave you read the popular book of Daniel Defoe “Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”? If you have read it, then you know what it means to be a Robinson. When we talk about people who had spent some period of their life almost alone, we called them Robinsons. Today we are going to talk about real people who lived on the desert island or uninhabited part of the land. I don’t know why they are called also Robinsons as some of them lived much earlier than Defoe wrote his book.

So, you are going to read the list of ten most popular people, who lived alone. Their deserted and lonely existence was officially documented.

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10 “Robinsons”

1) Ferano Lopez

This man was a Portuguese. He came to the St. Helena Island at 1513 year. He was forced migrant. He was sent on a desert shore for his crimes and at that time Ferano was a disabled. Perhaps as a punishment (check the information about the capital punishment - he was deprived of his right hand, nose, ears and fingers on his left hand. There are documents that prove his existence on this island. He lived there for 30 years. It seems unbelievable but it is true.

2) Gonzalo de Vigo

The next man we are talking about had another destiny. At 1522 he voluntarily left the Magellan expedition when sailors landed on one of the Mariana Islands. He was found only in four years and by this time he investigated the 13 islands of the archipelago. So all this time, he did not sit idly by, he had something to do. By the way, he was the first officially recognized Robinson of the Pacific Ocean.

3) Pedro Serrano

This man was a real Robinson. He survived a shipwreck which happened near the coast of Peru. It was 1540 year. He went through great difficulties as the island has no plants. He ate sea turtles and their eggs. And the water he had only when was the rain. He collected water in tortoise-shell. He lived on the island for three years and he met a friend. Another man also survived and reached this island. Pedro was on the island for ten years and then people from one ship noticed him and saved.

4) Yang Pelhrum and Wouter Loos

Two sailors came arrived on ship and could not even imagine what will happen to them. The ship sank but many people were still alive. An uprising and mass murder started. Survived people were in awful situation. Most of them were hanged but two men we are talking about were landed on the coast of South Australia. They lived there and died and they also played a great role in the local tribe’s life.

5) Passengers of the Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon was a Dutch merchant ship which sank near the coast of Australia. It happened on the 28th of April in 1656. 75 passengers were survived and seven of them took the boat and went to Jakarta. In summer they came back to save other people but they found nobody. There were only traces of the camp but all the people went away. To this day is unknown how 68 people could disappear forever.

6) Alexander Selkirk

And now we are going to talk about the most popular Robison in the world called Alexander Selkirk. In reality he was not quite unfortunate victim of circumstance. He became the prototype of the main character of the book by Daniel Defoe. Alexander was a real pirate and at spring 1704 year he quarreled with the captain of the ship and that is why was landed on the desert island. His life there was interesting. Like in the book he built a hut, went fishing, caught sea turtles and tamed the wild goats. He lived on the island a little bit more than four years and was saved.

7) Philip Ashton

Phillip lived for the 16 months on the Roatan Island in the Caribbean. He was a prisoner of the pirates but a year later he managed to escape. It was 1722-1723 years. After his rescue the sailor wrote a memoir about his life on the desert island. But nobody believed him as at that time the famous book about Robinson Crusoe was already published.

8) Jacob Minkov

The captain of the fishing vessel left Jacob on the island as watchman or guard. The captain promised to come back in two months. But seven years pasted till Jacob have seen people again. He sewed his clothes from the polar fox skins and he created the yurt where he spent winter frosty and long evenings.

9) Daniel Foss

The shipwreck was the main reason why Daniel founded himself on the island. For the long five years he had to eat seal meat and drink the rainwater. Of sealskin he sewed warm clothes and built a good stone house.

10) Juan Maria

And now we are going to talk about the unusual Robinson. It was the woman. Maria was forgotten on the island when they rescued the Indian population on San Nicolas. She lived on the island from 1835 till 1853 years. People who knew Maria after her salvation told that she was a clever and very strong woman. She led households herself though she was too old. After the salvation she died very soon. It was because the diseases which European people brought to the American continent.

I hope you liked these short stories of people’s life. It was awful to stay almost alone but all of the Robinsons were much stronger than they thought. I wish you never get into such situations. But is you are fond of traveling, I am sure that this information will be useful for you - And now you know the best online essay editor for you.

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