12 Useful Habits Better To Get Rid


12 Useful Habits Better To Get RidEverybody has his/her own habits and sometimes it is really difficult to explain where, how and when this habit appeared. Everyone knows to get rid of the habits you need to make a lot of efforts. Today we are going to talk about habits which are well known among people. We will give you the reasons why it is better for you to get rid of these habits.

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1) To work, standing at the table. I know that such a habit have a lot of people. And a lot of researches where made and the result is that such kind of working are nit useful for you. It has no advantages just it helps you to burn more calories. So you can continue working on foot if your goal is to lose calories.

2) To use a disposable cover on the toilet seat. A lot of people are sure that to sit on the public toilet it means to be infected with many diseases. But they are wrong. Such diseases as HIV and AIDS or herpes are transmitted only through sexual contact. Your skin protects you greatly. So don’t worry if you are going to the public toilet and cannot find there any disposable cover. But if you have a wound or scratch – you should be attentive as the infection can get through the blood to your body.

3) Don’t eat gluten. As you know almost all cereals consists of a great amount of gluten. There are some categories of people who cannot eat products with gluten as they are ill. But if you are healthy, then stop worrying about this. The scientists organized a lot of researches and it is known that many people have abdominal distention after meals. And it does not matter ate they gluten or not. But women should not abuse gluten as they can overweight.

4) To be afraid of microwave ovens. Almost all people considered that microwaves kill all the nutrients in the food. But it is not so. And microwaves are the best way to warm up food at office or at home when you are in a hurry. Do not deny yourself this pleasure.

5) To drink an almond milk. Nowadays is very popular not to drink cow's milk but look for all sorts of substitutes. An almond consists of a great amount of proteins but almond milk is almost without proteins. All the vitamins are added later. So never mind if you drink a glass of water or a glass of almond milk. Instead of cow’s milk which is too rich, try to buy soy milk.

6) Do keep the juice diet. Fruit and vegetables juices include only sugar as all nutrients are removed. Only nutrients in vegetables and fruits help us not to be hungry. If you find a diet with a great amount of sugar and without proteins then refuse it immediately. You will be always hungry and can lose even the muscles weight (as your muscles need proteins). The best way to keep fit is to do morning exercises (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/top-morning-exercises-everyone-should-follow).

7) To use ear candles. I cannot understand those people, who think it is useful. As for me, it is obviously that it is dangerous. Proponents of this treatment claim that lit candle in your ear can help to get rid of cerumen and purifies the blood. But do you think that such method can do burn and injure the ear canal?

8) To use regularly the hand sanitizer. We need to wash hands several times per day. Some people prefer to use sanitizer instead of the water and soap. But sanitizer does not have such abilities to kill all the bacteria. And some viruses are not afraid of sanitizer. So, if you are traveling but have an opportunity to wash the hands with water and soap, choose it and don’t use the sanitizer.

9) To avoid products with sodium glutamate. This ingredient is often added to different products as it adds a little more taste. Many people considered that sodium glutamate is very dangerous as it causes stiff neck, a feeling of weakness etc. But the results of different researches proved that such symptoms appeared as a result of overeating. So, you cannot avoid the products which consist of sodium glutamate, but I recommend you always and everywhere to have a measure.

10) To afraid to crackle joints. Almost all adults are sure that to crackle joints is very unhealthy because it causes the arthritis in the future. Today a lot of scientists can prove that such opinion is mistaken.

11) To take a multivitamins. A lot of people take care of themselves and from time to time they help their body to feel better, taking a lot of multivitamins. Of course, our body needs vitamins as they help to digested food and prevent from different diseases. But if you eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food you receive the necessary amount of natural vitamins. So it is no sense to take supplements.

12) To be on a detox diets. You need detox just if you were poisoned. In other way you have liver and kidney that filter the harmful substances from the products you have eaten. Kidneys filter the blood and remove from the body different harmful substances. So you don’t need the special diets. Your body is able to take care of itself.

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