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The Internet plays an important role in the life of modern people. We cannot imagine how to live without a virtual network, because the Internet has opened so many opportunities for us: communication with people from all over the world, work, news, online shopping, business, entertainment. If you are an active Internet user, you can always be aware of everything that is happening in the world.

But everything in this world has its beginning, continuation and the end. The Internet also did not emerge by itself, it all started a long time ago and from one single site. As a result, the years went by and the site went through its own evolution. Now we have hundreds of thousands sites and millions of opportunities. In this post our essay paper writing services want to tell you more about the history of the creation of the first site, how the Internet gained its popularity and share several funny facts about the worldwide network. Remember that our services are always available and we are only happy to cooperate with students.

How it all began...

Now you are sitting in front the computer and using the Internet. And I am sure you do the same every day. And did you ever think how it all began? How did the first site appear? What kind of site it was? In general, could the developers imagine how successful their project will be? That already in the 21st century people will be completely dependent on the World Wide Web.

The history of the appearance of the Internet dates back to the time of the Soviet Union, when the first space satellite was launched. At the US Department of State, people realized that the Cold War could soon end and real war would begin, then a reliable resource would be needed to convey an important information.

So, the scientific center and three famous universities began to work on this problem. After 10 years in 1969, the world's first ARPANET network transmitted the first five symbols, it was the “login”. This was the first and very big victory. Further events developed very quickly.

Developers have come up with a program to send e-mail and connected to the network the UK and Norway. It was the first international network. The 80s became the years of the domain system, also first chats appeared (the ability to communicate in real time). Well, 1989 was a year of change, because it was time when the European Center for Nuclear Research developed the idea of a world wide web.

The Englishman Tim Berners-Lee came up with this idea and began to implement it actively, he developed a browser, web editor, service on the base and so on. May 1991 gave the world the very first Internet site or a small web page - Open it now and you will understand how fast and much the Internet has changed in two decades. There was only text on the site and no pictures, video or audio at all. Now the site is restored: it has several links, one of which describes the details of the first browser, the second will show you the primitive appearance of the first site. You may be in shock, but that's how it all began.

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Further everything was easy and simple, “www” has been accepted all over the world, and today this is the Internet itself. In 1993 there were about 100 sites and the first graphical web browser appeared. The list of available sites was placed on the first web page, it was used as a directory.

We know that everything has its beginning and end. But there is no end to the Internet yet. This invention of mankind is still quite young, the Internet reflects the evolution of mankind, more precisely the human mind. Thanks to the Internet, we can prove that people are a developed race. Scientists believe that the Internet will exist as long as there is a person. And probably, they are right.

Just think about the fact that it took ten years to create the first site. And now the technology is developing so quickly that people simply do not have time to get used to new gadgets and buy them. Everything develops instantly, gadgets are equipped with new and new functions, everything is done for the benefit of mankind. Although sometimes I doubt it. People earn millions of dollars, and no one cares about the fact that in our time the Internet causes much more harm than good. But to take away people's access to the network, this means depriving them of the joys of life. They will feel unhappy, isolated from society and left. Yes, dear friends, the Internet has gone too deep inside every person, and one must try very hard to extract only benefits from it rather than completely plunge into the deception, deception and debauchery that reigns in the virtual world.

Although the Internet is now used by people of different ages, but still young people are leading among Internet users. Teens lead a double life: real and virtual and often the second life is much more intense and interesting. I cannot say anything against the using of the Internet, because myself I understand that we cannot do without it, it greatly simplified the life of all students. Nowadays there are a lot of discussions on the topic: books or computers at school, as pupils started to use gadgets during the educational process. But the fact that people began actively use the worldwide network during their free time is very distressing. Welcome to our company, use our college essay editing service if you have problems with home tasks.

The Internet is the main thief of our time, as I once listened to a lecture by a German lecturer who claimed that the Internet has a hypnotic effect on a person. I do not know all the subtleties of psychology, but I am aware of the fact that sometimes you sit down to drink a glass of tea and to look through the list of news in the networks, and you will not notice how half an hour or an hour has passed. Online time flies by imperceptibly fast and we do not notice how we start to depend on the computer and the Internet. More about computer addiction you can read in this essay -

Below we give some truthful, sometimes sad facts about the Internet. As a traditional user, you are unlikely to be familiar with such information.

Interesting facts about the Internet

1) Every minute people on the Internet register about 70 sites, in other words they buy domains for them. At such rates, soon it will be impossible to come up with a domain name that does not really exist.

2) We receive hundreds of letters in our electronic mail. So research has shown that about 80% of letters are common spam, and on social networks, one third of accounts is also fake. This cheap thesis writing service is perfect one.

3) 1994 was an important year for Internet users, because it was the time when the first banner in the network appeared.

4) It is interesting that Iceland (and not America) is the leader in the number of active Internet users, but in North Korea people seem indifferent to modern technologies.

5) Previously, young people met in cafes, at parties, in companies of friends and so on. Now everything is much simpler. Different researches have shown that every eighth married couple met through the Internet. It is not surprising that marriage agencies or dating sites are so successful.

6) The first webcam was installed in Cambridge, at the university. Its goal was very simple and funny: people needed to monitor the coffee machine.

7) Among the images on the Internet, photographs of naked women dominate. That is not surprising.

Also in this section:

8) The famous YouTube does not lose its popularity for a minute. Every day it is replenished for 20 hours of new video. By the way, the first video recording in this resource appeared many years ago, it was called I am at the zoo and did not present any interest for users at all. Unfortunately, useless video is now also exist.

9) In Pakistan, as in almost Muslim country, people decided to ban the use of Facebook and YouTube. After all, these sites are contrary to Islamic moral principles.

10) The first product that sold E-bay was a broken laser pointer. For a small amount of money it was bought by one collector. Well, the most expensive thing that was sold through this resource is a jet plane for 40 thousand dollars.

11) When the Internet appeared even among the Eskimos people. To avoid confusing these people with new and incomprehensible words, they were explained this phenomenon as a "journey through the layers".

12) The popular Google search engine was originally supposed to be called googol, a number with a hundred zeros. This should mean a huge amount of information that the system will process. But when the domain was registered, they made a mistake and wrote Google. As a result, the creators liked even better the second version of the name.

13) Antarctica also has its own domain, although only those who are directly connected with activities in Antarctica are entitled to use it.

14) The modern word “spam” generally appeared as early in 1936, it was the time when appeared too spicy canned ham (SPiced hAM). The product was overdue but it urgently needed to be sold in large quantities, so they came up with very annoying ads and as a result today we have the word "spam".

15) Many people believe that such popular domains as TV, FM, MD, ™ belong to television, radio stations, trademarks, medical structures. But it is wrong. In fact, everything is quite different: these domains belong to certain countries (Republic of Tuvalu, Federated States of Micronesia, Turkmenistan, Moldova). For the using of these domains by other organizations, the countries receive a huge income.

16) Every day millions of users make different requests in the Internet search services. Dominate the search for pornography.

17) In 2010 the seller of online games in Britain decided to slightly change the contract of payment, which customers sign. He pointed out that buying a game, the buyer gives his soul at the disposal of the online store. About 7500 buyers agreed, even without reading the contract. You know, jokes are jokes, but as a result, it may not be funny at all.

18) A funny story happened to Harry Kremen. The man became the founder of the largest dating site for today. But fate tricked him. His girlfriend went to another man, whom she met on the same site. You never know where you find something and where you lose.

19) Elton John is a big enemy of the Internet. He is sure that just thanks to the Internet a lot of low-quality music has appeared in the world.

I hope you enjoyed this essay. We use the Internet daily and I think everyone was curious to know the history of the appearance of sites, as well as a few funny facts about this resource. Try to use the Internet wisely, it really has a lot of advantages, remember that almost all modern developers are moving with one goal - to get as much profit as possible and the human factor is practically unimportant. Nobody puts an emphasis on harm to health, but everyone loudly praises the advantages of new and new gadgets. People have changed their values long ago, huge opportunities have opened up to many people since scientific and technical progress began. The detailes information about modern computer technolodgy was described in one of the posts -

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