Countries Where The Poorest People Live


Countries Where The Poorest People LiveFrom time to time all of us are upset of our living conditions, salary, high taxes etc. We can’t buy a new modern car and think that we live the worst of all. But having read this essay you can clearly realize the truth. Custom essay writing help service wants to tell you about people who can’t afford even food as they live in almost poverty. We have a lot useful services for each our customer. All the necessary data about us are available on the Internet.

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Third World Countries

1) Democratic Republic of the Congo. The first name of this country was Zaire. You should understand that it is the other country as the Republic of the Congo. Earlier Zaire was one of the richest countries as here is situated one of the largest deposits of diamonds and cobalt. But everything changed after the great civil war. For some years (1998-2002) more than 5 million died because of this war. This country has a huge territory. Hundreds years ago the country was in the personal possession of the Belgian king. The population here is very different: about two hundred peoples are mixed in this country. The official language is French and really it is difficult to find somebody who speaks English. About 80 percent of all uranium ore in the world is extracted in DR Congo. There is the dormant volcano here and it is very attractive but dangerous. Sometimes tourists visit DR Congo as here is the most beautiful nature but especially curious and fearless want to look at the lake with boiling lava (

2) Zimbabwe. This country is also situated in Africa and many of you have heard about it. I do not know if there are any more such people whose Africa associates only with the resorts. Personally, I have very sad associations: hungry black children, lack of education, women who wear water in jugs on their heads. Maybe this country became well-known for its special currency - Zimbabwe Dollar. In 2009 there was a hyperinflation and the Zimbabwe dollar was almost worthless. A 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars bill was printed, but even it did not save the situation. Money still had to be carried in carts. People had to refuse this currency. All these events happened thanks to the unsuccessful land reform at 2000. And as a result about 100% of the population is unemployed now.

3) Niger. And we are continuing to talk about Africa again. Unfavorable climate, scorching sun, lack of infrastructure, low level of education of the population, frequent wars - do not favor the prosperity of this continent. Unfavorable climate, scorching sun, lack of infrastructure, low level of education of the population, frequent wars - do not favor the prosperity of this continent. But if we are talking about Niger it is necessary to say that here weren’t many civil wars but this country is considered to be very and very poor. Niger is the hottest countries ever. The Sahara which is not far from the country has the bad influence on it. People have nothing to it very often as soon as the drought starts. Most part of the population are engaged in agriculture but it can’t save the whole country as only a little territory is suitable for growing something.

4) Central African Republic. It is one more classical African country. People are very and very poor despite the country is rich for different minerals. Most popular are uranium and diamonds. But in the country there are a lot of civil wars, which seem endless. One war will end, another will necessarily begin. There are many conflicts and a very high crime rate. In average, people die at 50 years old. Of course, this is a very low level of life expectancy. This was not the last country from the Africa continent which we described. Take the chance to visit some countries in Africa and to see the horrible reality with your own eyes. I know that hundreds of missionaries visit these countries and help people as much as it possible for them (

5) Eritrea. It is a small splinter of Ethiopia. At some point in time, and due to certain circumstances, Ethiopia split. But after the split Eritrea received the access to the sea. This circumstance did not help the residents as their living conditions became worse. Besides, permanent wars with neighbors have finally finished off the country. Mostly people are engaged in agriculture. But the country also has lack of fresh water, which often leads to intestinal infections. But in general this country is very interesting for tourists. You can take pictures of everything, drink wine and espresso. People fought for their independence for a very long time and now are proud of the fact that they are free. They do not tie the bicycles with a chain. There is no theft in Eritrea. If you forget the camera in a cafe, it will be taken to the police. There are not many machines in the country as there is lack of gasoline here. That’s why along the highway you can see walking flocks of wild baboons. Everything is interesting here: shops, pharmacies and even post offices. Everything is old but people try to make it modern. Proofreading an essay is the best way to check it.

6) Liberia. In this country were two great civil wars and thanks to them died thousands of citizens. This country was founded be the slaves who became free at the USA. Interesting fact but here you can see the chairs with an inscription on the back of "God bless you". Who knows, maybe they lent this phrase to the Americans. People don’t use the clothes drying ropes as they dry clothes just on the grass or on the roof. The country's income is simply minimal and the economy is at a low level. People are poor. There are no power stations here but all the people have the mobile phones. If there is no generator at home, then the phones are charged at special points. You get a coupon for that time while your phone is charging.

The main income in the country is the fee for the use of the flag of Liberia on sea-going vessels and also the export of wood and rubber. But neither one nor the other does improve the country's economy. People are lazy here. They don’t understand why they should work or pay for some things, they are not easy at the end. People are used to being helped by different organizations, such as the UN and they are spoiled. Liberians are uncultured, they like to litter wherever they go, and even toilets are arranged in public places (for example, on the beach). But they sell drinking water in plastic bags, oranges without peel (so it is more convenient to drink), and you will definitely be sold a bottle of water with a clean napkin to wipe it before use.

7) Burundi. This is a special country. The population is not just poor there, people are more than poor. There are many territories where people can plow the land but in reality the harvest is awful here. Goats and cows practically do not give milk. People don’t dream about the luxury here. They have become accustomed to such a life. You can see people washing up on ditches. It is quite normal. People built all the houses ugly and tasteless. The facades of all shops are necessarily decorated with artistic painting. A lot of billboards are everywhere. Burundi is the only country in the world where the bus stop sign is made in the form of a stop sign. People who have no plumbing at home go to the pond with huge yellow cans. They are taken home on bicycles. I understand that we can’t believe that in modern world people can have such an awful living conditions. But you can check everything and visit one of these countries.

8) Republic of Malawi. It is very strange but the country has large uranium reserves, as well as very fertile lands. Almost all people who can work are busy in agriculture. The country produces tea, sugar and tobacco. But all these are not enough to leave the poverty line. The population is very and very poor.

9) Ethiopia. This country is quite large – about 100 million of population. People try to be busy in agriculture but to tell the truth they are not very successful in it. We can see it from that fact that more than 40% live below the poverty line. People live in awful living condition and many of them have no idea what they are going to eat tomorrow, I am not talking about the future. But the situation is easy to explain, there are many civil wars here. And the Eretria was separated in 1993, thereby blocking the outlet to the sea.

In the year there are 13 months (12 months for 30 days and one at the end of a length of five to six days). The New Year comes on the 11th of September. In addition to this, the chronology lags behind for 8 years. That is when the whole world has 2011, they have just 2003. There is Amharic alphabet in Ethiopia; it resembles the appearance of the letters of Armenia. People here are Christians (orthodox). Christian symbolism (cross) can be seen even on the windows of a fixed-route taxi. It is important to understand that Ethiopians are not Negros, they are the separate race. Almost all women wear tattoos.

The national drink is honey wine. In the wine taverns they go after work to have a rest with friends and just chat with a girl - as we have in coffee shops. Ethiopians cannot just drink coffee they must have something to eat with coffee. Somehow, in an incomprehensible way, the place of this snack was taken by popcorn. Coffee is available everywhere. Ethiopians build houses in an interesting way. First erect a frame of trees. Then they cover the structure with dirt. And then they live for their own pleasure. When people want to greet each other, they bang their shoulders or thrust their temples thrice. The money is taken with one hand, holding it by the elbow.

10) Zambia. In this country agriculture is not practically developed, and there are no mineral resources. People do not know how to survive until tomorrow. In this country there is not too much civilization. Animals are not separated, they live together with people. If you want to go to safari you don’t even take the car, just in that case if you are too lazy to go on foot. You can see the special waterfalls in Zambia. Waterfalls for centuries and millennia blur the earth and form deep cracks. The Zambezi River flows after the fall in zigzags. If you stay in the hotel then always close the windows at night. Firstly, monkeys can visit you and go everywhere to fumigate. Secondly, malaria is widespread here. Mosquitoes begin to bite strictly after sunset.

I am sure that this essay was very interesting for you. Reading it, you should be thankful for everything you have. I think that if you can’t buy a new dress or the last model of IPhone it doesn’t mean that you are poor. Always think about those people who don’t even know what to eat. If you have difficulties at school or university, choose this custom dissertation writing service.

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