Essay About My Family. The Most Valuable In Life


The Most Valuable In LifeToday our best academic writing service is going to talk on such important topic as family. You know that there are many values in modern world but for ages family was the most important of them. Some people are so immersed in their problems that they do not even think how happy they are if they have somebody who really waits at home. And it’s not about the pets, of course.

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The Importance Of The Family

Those people, who have no family – have nothing. Unfortunately, we can meet such type of people in our society. Family – is everything. Family is like the happiness and health. We can’t buy true family for money like we can’t buy the true love. And family and love should always be together.

It is horrible to imagine what feel those people who have inferior family (children without parents or those couples who had never kids).  They always feel lonely, lack of care and love, and home coziness. Lonely people try to spend most time at work, but very often they are insecure persons. Sometimes happens, when person lose the family. It is a great sorrow and hundreds of questions appear but none can answer on them. In such cases people often don’t want what to do and how to live. Everything can happen in life. And from time to time we have such situations and it is very difficult to manage with them without family help.

I think that loneliness is one of the worst scourges. It is the time when nobody takes care of you, nobody thinks about you, you have no people to ask for the help. It is awful. In many books and stories you can read that the orphan’s fate is terrible. Your task now is to appreciate your parents and take care of them while they are still alive. Parents always are the people number one in our life as their love is priceless, and no other love can replace it.

In modern society people pay a great attention to the topic of family. On the Internet you can read a lot of family tradition essay. At school children have special weeks or holidays dedicated to the family. To make the family tree is the most popular task among the students. Fulfilling this task, students spend much time finding the information and photos of their grannies, great-grandfathers etc. It is wonderful time when you can visit your grandparents in the village, look through the old family albums ask the hundreds of questions about the past of your genus.

One popular and talented Ukrainian writer Vasyl Sukhomlynsky  told that the family is that primary environment, where a person should study to do good things. If you are fond of reading, I am sure you have read a lot of novels where authors described the different families’ life (  

My family is my life (from personal experience)

If to talk about me it is necessary to say from the very beginning, that family – is the main purpose of my life. My family is friendly with own traditions and holidays. Every minute I miss my home, where smiling mom is always waiting for me and old granny is always ready to give wise advice. In the nearest future I dream to have a lovely husband and together we will be able to build the real family full of love, understanding and kindness.

As long as I live I like traveling a lot but to tell the truth, the most interesting moment is when after months of absence, you still come back home. You can see the happy face of your mom, can kiss the little sister and hug your brother and, of course, to play with your old funny cat. In my imagination family and house is the same. I can’t imagine my house empty, without all noisy family members. One man described home in such way: most people know that home is not just the walls and windows. Home is the place where you are ready to come back again and again. You can come back here even if you are angry, furious, happy, kind, disappointed, barely alive etc. Home is the place where you will always be understand, where people have hope and wait for you and forget about evil. I am sure that home is where your family is! It can’t be your native country or city, but even if you are a stranger, family can help you to feel happy. I think that it is difficult to overestimate the importance of family essay. We should never be so busy that can forget about mother, dad and other relatives. I don’t think you have something more important than they are. I just want to say if you are a student and even have a job after classes, you still can find time to ring up your mom and ask how she is going. Family helps us to reach the success in everyday life (

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