Joy Division's Success Story


Joy Division

I hope that all of us are fond of music. We prefer different songs, music bands, singers. The music plays an important role in our life. Sometimes we can’t even imagine how music is necessary. It is the best remedy for bad mood. I am sure that you know how music can change your mood; it wakes us up in the mornings and helps us to sleep at the end of the day. I am sure that music is the greatest value in our life, and the role of music in human life cannot be underestimated. I hope you guessed that today one of the online academic writing companies online decided to tell you something interesting which is connected with music. To be more precise, we are going to speak about one music band which was popular many years ago. This band called Joy Division. It has a long and very interesting history and if you appreciate rock music, you must know about the Joy Division. Every day we receive such messages from students: write my academic paper for me. We are ready to help everyone.

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The Beginning Of The Success Story

Everything was very simple and tritely. The appearance of wonderful music band was connected with a small concert of Sex Pistols. It happened in Manchester. At that time Sex Pistols was not popular. The group organized concerts, but only 30-40 fans visited them. It was one of the first concerts and nobody knew that this performance will play the greatest role in the American rock music history. Bernard Sumner and some of his classmates also visited this concert. Young boys were shocked; they were surprised how beautiful music could be. And suddenly the boys understood that they can do the same. They also can create the perfect band, sing songs, write lyrics and create music.

At that time Sumner and his friend Hook were young people, full of energy, and they believed that the best is yet to come. Boys were only 20 years old, they lived not far from Manchester and the great idea came to their mind. After the concert Hook bought a bass guitar and together with Sumner they started their first rehearsals. The boys just did what they loved, and they did not dream about bright future. It was a small group and soon boys understood that they need more talented people. The boys were friends since childhood, they loved music, but none of them could play musical instruments. That is why future musicians bought the special teaching aid; they attended different concerts, listened attentively to the record of the performance of talented musicians. Academic essay writing service is the best helper for those who can’t write the academic papers themselves.

After many rehearsals Sumner and Hook decided to write an advertisement, they were looking for a talented drummer and the singer. But for a long time they could not find anyone. At last, young Ian Curtis responded to the ad. It was not surprising; the boys have already met at concerts of various punk bands. Curtis was crazy about rock music, he dreamed to be one of the musicians in a professional music band.

All the boys were not rich people at that time, some of them were married, and Curtis worked at the factory. It was 1977 year; the talented boys wrote lyrics and rehearsed all the time. They constantly gathered in one of the city pubs. From time to time Terry Mason joined the group, he tried to play on drums. Soon boys became very self-confident, they wanted to have their own concerts, and they started searching the opportunity to sing their songs before the audience. It was a great decision as at that time the young musical band did not have a real name, and they did not have even the constant drummer. Our well-qualified custom essay writing company knows that it is impossible to play the rock music without a drummer.

Team Building

May 29th, 1977 the young people had a chance to demonstrate their talents.  Mason was not perfect drummer that is why he became a manager of the group. They find the professional drummer one day before the concert. This day was not very successful for the boys, but it was their chance. People called the band Stiff Kittens. Curtis, Hook, and Sumner were one of the last artists. People did not notice the young band, nobody paid attention to them. But boys were not ready to give up, they were sure that it is just the beginning and the best days are yet to come. Musicians were not satisfied with the name Stiff Kittens and they understood that it is high time to come up with a name for the group. The first name of popular music band was Warsaw. It was connected with the song Warszawa. The members of rock group also associated their name with the Second World War.

June 1977 was successful for the boys, they had several concerts in pubs, but their drummer decided to leave the group. It was not a problem as they quickly found a new drummer. It was Steve Brotherdale, and he also leaves the group very soon. At that time Warsaw has their first studio recording. It was a small success of the year. At last, the group was again without a drummer. But at this time the destiny was merciful to the guys, Stephen Morris came to them, he became a constant member of the group. The boy studied at the same school as Curtis, so they quickly became friends, and his musical style quite suited Hook and Sumner. It was the beginning of the success!

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The boys couldn’t become popular at once; they needed a lot of time to understand each other. Curtis was a perfect singer, but at that time none could listen to his voice, the music was too loud, the Curtis just shouted like abnormal and that is all. During the next months, the new music band had a lot of ups and downs. Not everything was perfect, but day by day the boys were achieving their main goal. They wanted to become talented and popular musicians they became.

In 1978 a turning point happened. The group had a manager, the first records were released, the first performance on television took place, and a label and producer appeared. The life became better and better. At last, guys began to realize themselves, they became successful. People started to appreciate young rock musicians, they liked the non-standard lyrics with deep meaning.

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The Success

July 17th, 1977 Warsaw visited the studio which was situated not far from Manchester. They made the first demo record, but I can’t say it was successful. They recorded only five songs. It was a real punk rock which was difficult for understanding. In 1978 the band changed their style of songs a little. It seems boys got lucky. During one of the concerts, Curtis met a famous TV host. The singer asked him why he did not invite Joy Division to take part in one of the TV shows. The TV host was Tony Wilson, and he decided to comply with the request. The boys started to work with talented producer. The producer was happy, young boys were talented, they understood nothing in show business, and they trust him in everything. It was very easy to cooperate with such guys.

Joy Division worked in club Factory One, they recorded their two songs: Digital and Glass. In general, the discography of this group did not consist of many albums. Soon Joy Division went on their first tour in England. The boys had concerts in four different cities. Before the New Year (27th of December) they had their first performance in London. But on their way home something strange happened to Curtis. It was difficult to explain the behavior of the young man. Friends went to the hospital with their soloist. Curtis visited the doctor once more, and he diagnosed epilepsy. It was unexpected and terrible. Curtis loved music most of all, he was fond of different tours, but the attacks of epilepsy were awful. The floodlights had a bad effect on the musician, his mood changed many times a day; he wanted to do many things which were impossible for him. The alcohol was forbidden for him and all the time Curtis needed to go to bed early. The singer was not able to live like that and his disease progressed.

1979 was also successful for Joy Division. Despite the Curtis’s illness, the band had many invitations. Different labels invited them to record songs, release records. In April Joy Division started to record their great release. It happened in Strawberry Studios. The album called Unknown Pleasures. I can’t say that the design was perfect. There were no name, photos on the cover, the picture was rather strange. The cover had two inscriptions (outside and inside) which were written on different sides of the music album.

Fans liked the new songs, the album became very popular.  Transmission was their first single. Joy Division had much more concerts than earlier (almost every week). The band took part in different TV programs.  After one of their performances, fans were shocked as they decided that Curtis was under the influence of drugs. At last, even friends were not able to understand if it was a dance or the new attack of epilepsy. Curtis had a difficult period in life and I can’t say that he was a believer. About thematic essay belief systems you can read on our website.

The Beginning Of The End

The great singer Curtis was seriously ill. But the group was on top at that time; they had great prospects and can’t even imagine that one of them can leave the band. Curtis had health problems, from time to time he was suffering from depression, and he was going to divorce his wife ( During one of the concerts, he had an epileptic fit right on the stage. Then it happened again and again. The group had many concerts day by day, but their singer needed a rest. Once, Curtis even tried to commit suicide. He really wanted to die, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

As Curtis suffered from a serious illness he wanted to stop all the concerts. That is why all the members of Joy Division decided to finish all the scheduled tours and during the next year, they wanted to work only in their own studio. But everything happened completely differently. 

It was May. Early in the morning, Curtis hanged himself in the kitchen. The wife found him and his last note. All the friends were shocked; the death of their singer was unexpected. I think that Curtis was not afraid of responsibility; he was just tired of life. An interesting post about the responsibility you can read here - Only Stephen Morris was at a funeral. People missed the young and talented rock singer.

Soon Sumner and Hook met to decide what the group is going to do in the future. The boys were sure that they will continue to do the same. But earlier all the members of Joy Division decided the group will cease to exist, as soon as someone leaves the band. Now you know why Joy Division disappeared forever. Only two music albums were recorded. Soon the musicians had different new concerts. At first, they have no name, but then the band New Order appeared. Sumner was the leader.

You see that Joy Division had a short life, but the members of the group proved everybody that nothing is impossible. Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Steven Morris were not professional musicians. They did not graduate the academies, but they started from scratch and became successful. Such people can be proud of themselves.

Why Rock Musicians Die At A Young Age

It is difficult to explain, but many musicians who played hard music had a difficult life, most of them got depressed, committed suicide. Premature deaths interested a lot of scientists. You can read information about interesting people’s death in this post (  It is not a secret that musicians and poets usually are suffering from drug addiction. Heavy music has a bad effect on a person, especially if you constantly create or listen to it.

I am sure that the music has a great influence on a person and this fact was proved many times. Rock musicians all the time are busy, they have a lot of concerts, rehearsals, and they have no time for a normal life. Who knows, maybe Ian Curtis decided to commit suicide thanks to their songs. Rock music is not always positive; it is quite okay if you visit the concert once or twice. But when the person is depended on this music it there is nothing good.  I don’t know why, but I am sure that many deaths of rock musicians were connected with their mental integrity and human dignity. Of course, I am not talking about the cases, when the singer or the musician was seriously ill.

It often happens that the person was happy and satisfied with the life, but thanks to some circumstances, different negative thoughts come to her mind. Rock musicians have their own worldview ( Curtis was tired of his life style. He understood that their band was the most popular at that time. He knew that friends need him and his talent; I think he liked what they did all together. But even this understanding did not stop him. For some time Ian tried to live for his friends, he continued visiting concerts, singing songs, he was ready to go on tour. But at one moment the young musician understood that his life means nothing, he was almost morally devastated. You know, it is difficult to live if you do not know why. Many talented people choose the wrong way; they commit suicide and deprive themselves of the best gift - their lives. Scientists are worrying about early deaths of different celebrities as they understood that it is a bad example for thousands of fans (especially teenagers). Different strong human fears are the main cause of early death.

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