Nokia Android Smartphones: What To Expect


Nokia Android SmartphonesThe First Nokia Smartphone On OS Android Is Released: It Is Not Expensive And All-Metal

HMD Global that own exclusive rights on Nokia label presented Nokia 6. This is the first smartphone of Nokia that has OS Android 7.0 Nougat. The product is not expensive, but available for China only for now. The device combines pretty good characteristics and has affordable price. If this is what you appreciate about the products and services, we can advise you to use our affordable online essay service that provides cheap academic help for our customers.

Although Nokia 6 is available in China only, HMD Global has plans for the future. They want to conquer the markets of other countries, in particular India, Indonesia, Russia and others.

Nokia Presents Its Best Models Of Smartphones That Will Be Released On 2017

Nokia has already announced (, now officially, that it performs a “return”. Its means that Nokia company will get its share of income and will allow HDM to use its name, and finally its team will be included in the Board of Directors to continue producing highly qualitative devices. So, in this essay on Nokia Smartphones academic writers of our online essay service Livecustomwriting will present you best Nokia Smartphones that everyone is ready to meet this year. Additionally, it is already known that there will be used Android operating system, what means that Android will be the base of the products.

1. Nokia P (Flagship)

The latest news from some Chinese courses says that device with changes Nokia P will appear this year with significant specifications. Yet we can not say what outward look this type of smartphone will have (though there are already some pictures of it on the Internet). However, talking about specification of the phone, customers expect to see fully metal design. According to rumors the product will be created in two sizes. The first one is designed smaller (about 5.2 inches). Consequently the other one has bigger design (about 5.5 inches). They both will be equipped with protection against water as well as dust. The phone will have 6 GB random access memory. What about the “heart” of the product, its creators say that there will be the latest version of processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is what we all expect and want to see. We also expect to see twenty three megapixels camera. The type of battery is not known for now. However, customers are promised to get a very good one, such as Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 that will provide fast process of charging.

2. Nokia D1C

This is the second phone on our list that is going to be presented this year. Everyone expected the release of this smartphone model last year, but there was nothing. Now Nokia claims that the model is completely finished and is ready to appear on the markets. The product will be equipped with the newest version of Android, which is called Nougat, unfortunately, we can not say what exactly operating system version will be used. The only thing is sure that the version will be among the latest. Comparing with other expected smartphones of this year, this one is very promising, because it will have some specifications, about which our specialists are going to tell you further.

The followers of the label expect to meet two models of Nokia D1C, and it is pretty obvious that one of them will be budgetary. According to rumors there will be 2 GB random access memory, five-inched display with HD resolution (full version), meanwhile it will have thirteen megapixels camera. The other variant will have 1080p screen resolution, five and a half inches display, three GB of random access memory, and sixteen megapixels camera. Both variant will contain battery that will combine Snapdragon 430 processor of Qualcomm company along with Adreno 505 GPU.

Its main characteristics are 16 GB of random access memory, 4G support, rear view camera of thirteen and sixteen-megapixel, five and five and a half inches display, and its price is going to be about $ 300.

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3. Nokia C9

Nokia C9 has appeared thanks to Android headlines. This smartphone was also expected last year. At the moment it is known that the product is absolutely ready to be released this year. Let’s see what characteristics it has.

According to rumors, this phone model will have metal carcass, as well as quad-core 64-bit processor, what means that it will be devise of high class. The product will be designed with rear camera of twenty one megapixels, which is great for photo shooting and video recording as they say. There is another good news for the clients. In particular, we mean front camera of eight megapixels and four GB random access memory. It will also allow to use 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB variants of internal hard drive. The phone will have sport removable battery, the cost of which they say will be up to 461 dollars. This model of the phone will be also based on Android operating system.

4. Nokia E1

The talks about this smartphone model started to spread already in 2015. They say that the product is budgetary. However, depending on the specification, this model may have different price.

The product will be improved with Intel 64 bit Atom processor. Customers also can not wait to see PowerVR G6430 graphics for an excellent quality of games and images. This model will get almost five inches IPS screen, by the way fully laminated, with a really good big resolution. Creators claim that the phone will have 2 GB of random access memory. Talking about storage, it will also have 32 GB of built-in memory. Clients also ready to meet rear camera of sport design that will have twenty megapixels quality, and front camera of five megapixels. However, this information had not been officially confirmed yet.

5. Nokia Swan

Let’s see what Swan has prepared for us. Swan is another smartphone that can be proclaimed the best product among smartphone of the Company of this year. It definitely can be called now one of the most expected this year smartphones that operate on Android OS created and designed by Nokia specialists. The smartphone should have been presented last year. However, they decided to release it this year. They say that this model is expected to be the best from the point of view of camera. Now let’s discuss what characteristics this model has and see whether it is going to be really good.

In Nokia Swan we can emphasize 8-core processor. Since it will be released this year, it will be improved with the newest type of processor, such as Adreno 420 GPU. This model will get 4 GB of random access memory and 128 GB of removable memory card, according to rumors. There is a unique characteristic of this smartphone. We are talking about its double operating system feature. It means that the device will continue working on Android and additionally on Windows operating system (, what makes it unique comparing with other smartphones of business sector. Nowadays for many people the main characteristic is powerful camera that provides the greatest quality of photo shoots. So this model will include rear camera of forty two megapixels. It will also be equipped with dual LED flash. If this is real, from the camera point of view this is going to be the most advanced smartphone of the year.

This model of phone will have 1440p resolution. Its screen will be QHD and almost five and a half inches long. Still there is no information about its price, but taking into consideration the above mentioned characteristics, its cost is expected to be about seven to eight hundreds dollars at least.

We hope that you liked our essay on Nokia Android Smartphones 2017. Probably, something is not clear for you and you want to specify it. If so, contact our team any time and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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