Top 10 Companies To Work In The USA


To have a normal and full life most people must go to work. And as everybody knows the work can be different. Some occupations are prestigious, others are creepy. Here you can check the information about the most awful occupations in the world – But every person dream about her/his favorite job.

Today we are going to talk about the most popular companies in the USA. Millions of people dream to work there. We will discuss why these companies attract workers. Reading this essay, you should understand that this phenomenon is very unstable and change every year. This list of best companies was based on the salaries, working conditions, reviews of people who are working or have worked there etc. Don’t be surprised if you won’t find s lot of IT companies in this list, instead of this you can see in the rating three consulting companies. Our life changes every day. Some well-known companies are sidelined but others rise in the first lines of the rating.

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Top 10 Companies To Work

1) Google

This company is one of the best for several years. It became popular before it turned into Alphabet. Google is known for its love to all the employees. People who work there always receive the free unlimited food. For comparison, in Apple co-workers receive a small amount of money on food. The campuses all over the world have a lot of entertainments, rooms for sleeping and game rooms. Employees receive many benefits, bonuses and huge salaries (even trainees earn about $ 7000 a month).

2) Bain & Company

It is a consulting company and it is difficult to work here (but it is worth of it). Working here you're surrounded be very clever and energetic people. But employees receive here from 80 000$ to 160 000$ for the whole year.

3) Nestle Purina PetCare

To tell the truth this company has few negative reviews. And I think that these reviews are from those people who wanted but could not receive the job in this company. Some employees told that they are lack of free lunches. But there are great prospects for career and it covers all the disadvantages. In Nestle every day you work in the unique atmosphere and most people like it.

4) F5 Networks

This company develops hardware and software. The main reason why people want to receive the job here is that the company develops really very fast. Employees take part in different projects and get a lot of bonuses. One of the disadvantages is that among employees there is a huge competition. It is too much clever people gathered in one place and very busy schedule. But huge salaries (100000-150000$ per year) compensate everything.

5) Boston Consulting Group

People who work in this huge consulting company are satisfied with the work conditions. They are happy that surrounded only with motivated people who are ready to work around the clock just to achieve the necessary results. But working here, you should forget about privet life and free time. The salary is also very high. Managers receive about 180000$ per year and consultants – 140000$.

6) Chevron

This company is real oil and gas giant. Here is a clear separation between work and free time. So your boss will never call you during weekends. As Chevron is a major international company it has great career opportunities. Sometimes the employees are worrying about the instability of oil prices, as they cannot be confident in their future. But also the high salary (100 000$ in a year) compensates a lot. You know that financial stability ( nowadays is first of all.

7) HEB

This company is a network of 350 food stores in Texas, where you can find fresh farm products. Note that it is very valuable product in the United States. Especially a lot of positive feedbacks are from the students, because they are able to combine this work with their study. The salary is not quite big: about $ 12-14 / hour. Those managers which work full time receive from $ 60,000 / year and more.

8) In-N-Out Burger

The burger network is very popular in California as they used only high-quality natural ingredients. Today it has about 250 institutions in one state and employees as usual receive about 14$/hour. People who are working there always satisfied with the work conditions but the main disadvantage is that they are not able to take tips.

9) McKinsey & Company

The employees of this consulting company often dissatisfied with the fact that they need to travel a lot. They spend a lot of time in planes and are upset about it. At the same time the employees have a good compensation as well as an excellent system of self-development. Salaries start from $ 80,000 and up to $ 180 000 in a year.

10) Mayo Clinic

This organization is considered to be non-profit. And of course it influenced on the working conditions. People are lack of qualified managers here and they say that infrastructure of the campuses are poorly organized. Among the advantages they find the opportunity to get a great start to own career, the presence of training courses and a full benefits package. Salary starts from $ 60 000 to $ 250 000 per year, depending on the position.

You have read one of the lists of ten the most popular companies in the United States. You can agree or disagree with it. But in any case, if you have some difficulties with your education, let us know. Our academic writing service online is always ready to help you.

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