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The student time is, probably, the brightest one in your life biography. While studying at the college you make the first steps in the independent life, get acquainted with a lot of new friends, plan the future. Yet, it is the first time when you face serious injustice. The authors of our highly professional custom writing services also came through this difficult period. Understanding the students’ issues we invented our portal. Now our site is the best virtual assistant for those who study. We analyzed a great number of writing tasks, took into account the professors’ demands, investigated the students’ interests and problems, found the best writers and editors. As a result, we created our project. It makes the life easier by providing all conceivable writing services. We don’t want the students to suffer from Murphy’s Law. So we try our best to help them. It’s not a problem to write a thoughtful dissertation or a complicated essay for our team. We support our clients 24/7 taking into consideration the urgency of the requests. In addition, we edit and proofread your papers making them perfect. We also have a blog to make your life more entertaining.  

Do you remember the main idea of Murphy’s Law? It claims: if anything can be wrong, it will be like this for sure or even worse. It’s a well-established algorithm of failures.

While studying at the college you can also feel this law. Being a student everyone faces its rule at least once. Our team collected possible variants of unlucky situations. Read them for fun or make conclusions to avoid the negative consequences of Murphy’s Law.

  • The task seems to be difficult, nevertheless, you postpone its implementation until the last minute. You don’t plan your time properly ignoring the sensible advice of the competent people https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/recommendations-for-students-how-to-stop-wasting-time. According to Murphy’s Law, this assignment will be incredibly complex and you will fail it.
  • If you missed only one lecture during the semester, you will be asked questions about it on your exam for sure.
  • If you learned all the materials except one topic for the exam, you will get questions concerning this single unknown lesson on your test.
  • If you feel that you made some little mistakes in your coursework, your professor will definitely find a lot of them. To avoid this situation find an experienced online essay proofreader or order any other editing services.
  • If you are already late for the lecture, in addition, you will get into a traffic jam.
  • If you wash your car or the windows of your flat, the rain will start. It is the classical variant of Murphy’s Law.
  • You have no time to do your assignment accurately. You make it somehow hoping for a miracle. Of course, you get your paper back from the professor and blame Murthy’s Law. Don’t do like this anymore. Luckily, you already know a trustful college essays helper. Place an order on our site and get an excellent result.
  • If you delete some old files from your laptop, you will need them the very next day.
  • It seems that your group mates and friends always have simpler questions and tasks than you do.
  • When you type your paper and don’t use the button “Save” from time to time, your laptop will suddenly stop working and you won’t have a reserve copy of your assignment.  
  • No time to make yourself presentable? You will meet the person you like and want to impress this day.
  • If you forget the phone, you will surely have an important call.

And have you ever faced these situations? How did you cope with them? Share your answers with our team.

Why does Murphy’s Law work? Our creative and intelligent team investigated this issue and made the following conclusion. When everything goes successfully, we take it for granted. When something goes wrong, we are looking for the reasons to explain it. We don’t blame ourselves but try to invent excuses. Sometimes we even think that the universe wants to get rid of us. And what are your ideas concerning this law?

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Pay someone for college papers and other ways to fight Murphy’s Law

Do you know someone who is lucky to avoid Murphy’s Law? This rule concerns all the people without any exceptions. Have you ever read about Roy Sullivan who was injured by the lightning seven times? His case is beyond the borders of the statistics rules and the probability theory. If there was an award for being the most unlucky person, he would, probably, get it. Yet, on the other hand, Roy stayed alive after all these accidents. So, what is the secret helping fight Murphy’s Law? Check out the following advice prepared by our authors.

  • A serious approach to the life is a key point to minimize the failures. Analyze things happening to you, reveal both a cause and a consequence of your problems. Always try to control the situation and don’t let things slide. Be far-sighted, predicting long-perspective results of your decisions.
  • Positive thinking attracts good luck. The energy of your thoughts determines your actions. Visualize the dreams and hope for the better future. Don't dwell on your failures, make conclusions, and keep moving ahead. Add some humor and laugh to your life. Don’t take Murphy’s Law too seriously, as it’s not the only verity of our life.
  • Broaden your mind. Pay enough attention to your self-development. It’s a key point of the success https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/secrets-of-successful-people. Intelligence and skills are the main resources of the man. They don’t guarantee a protection from all the mistakes and failures, yet help people live successfully. Read more, travel to new countries, get acquainted with people, study new disciplines, cultures, and arts. Thus, you will gain experience, knowledge, and inspiration.
  • A lucky charm could be your salvation from failures too. It’s not about the magician properties, but about the confidence given to its owner. If you believe in the power of this stuff, don’t ignore it.
  • Don’t exaggerate the meaning of the things. The constant concentration only on one issue is harmful to the positive result. There is no limit to perfection, so don’t spend too much time and efforts to get excellence. Let your life be harmonious.
  • Use the experience of other people. Undoubtedly, we learn from the failures. But it’s not compulsory to make your own mistakes. Analyze the events happened to others. Listen to the advice of the competent people. For instance, our team recommends you to use online services to solve the student problems. Nowadays there are a lot of portals providing essay writing and editing for the university. They can ensure the success of your studying.

Murphy’s rules are sad and funny simultaneously. We realize that something goes wrong, but we do nothing to change it. It's really frustrating. The ironic thing about this law is that ignoring the problem we still hope to remedy the situation.

It seems that Murphy’s Law programmes our mind to pessimism. In fact, it’s not like that. The warning is the main idea of this rule. If you feel that something could go wrong, don’t ignore it. Try to change the situation and prevent the negative consequences in advance. In most cases, events happened to you are the results of your actions. Murphy’s Law, black cats, Friday, the 13th don’t explain the real reasons for your failures.

Every rule has its exceptions. Luckily, this law doesn’t work constantly too. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we should forget about its existence. Be ready to face it. Still, don’t blame this law for all your failures. It’s the excuse of the weak people. Be stronger and fight this law. Take it like the challenge to improve your life.  

Our team helps students fight Murphy’s Law. Go to our site and order any writing services here. Save your energy, time, and nerves. What is your problem for today? You can’t cope with the task as it is very difficult. You can’t do your assignment because the terms are very short. You can’t find any help as it’s 12 p.m. If you have any of these situations, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our managers always support the clients. The time doesn’t matter, as we are available 24/7. We provide essays, research papers, dissertations, as well as proofreading and editing services. With the help of our site, you won’t be a victim of Murphy’s Law anymore. At least in situations concerning the student time and writing tasks, in particular. Our service is reliable and experienced, therefore we solve all the problems effectively.  

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