Essay About My Mother And Her Role In My Life


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The Mother’s Love

You can find a lot of articles connected with this topic. But this one won’t be like the others. What is the role of the mother’s love in human life? How important is the mother's love in the formation of personality?  I think that such questions are popular at any society and at any time. Relationships with mother are very important during the life. It is the beginning of the development of everything good and human in you. Mothers can be different but most of them are ready give everything for their children. In this essay on mother we will discuss the mother’s love and the importance of her presence in the children’s life.

My Mom Essay

As for me, my mom is my best friend and it was always like that, how much I remember myself. I love and admire my mother as she gave me the most important thing – my life. I think it is the best present. Sometimes people ask what parents gave you on your birthday? And the answer – life is always correct. When I came to this huge world my mother smiled at me. Despite everything she was happy to see me. And only mother was the first person I see after the birth. Of course, I don’t remember that moment, but I like to think that it was like that.

Mother did not sleep enough because of me, she was the happiest women when I made my first steps, said my first word. I am not a child now, but mother is still worrying about me, interested in my life, she is proud of me and rejoices all my achievements. I always try to remember about mother’s love even if we swear. I know mother will never give me the bad advice and never wish something evil. Friends can betray, boyfriend can betray, but mother – never. My future worries her and she is going to do everything to help me and to make all my dreams true.

Support And Love

Who if not mom will give you the perfect support and disinterested love? These things are very important for me. I don’t know how, but mother always can inspire me on different new successful results in job and studies. She adds confidence to me. Sometimes I am not sure that I can cope with this or that situation, nut if mother says YOU CAN, I BELIEVE IN YOU, it means I really can. Just for my mom I try to change and to become better. I don’t want to disappoint her or to make her cry. My mother’s praise for me is the best reward in the world.

How To Respect You Mother

If you are familiar with the Bible, you know that one of the 10 commandments of God is about parents and our attitude towards them. The fifth commandment sounds like this - give honor to your father and to your mother, so that your life may be long in the land which the Lord your God is giving you. It is no matter are you believer or not, but almost all of us are the Christians ( and that’s why we always agree with this statement. You know that your mother always deserves care and respect. Now we just want to help you and to give you some useful advices, following them it will be easier for you to respect your mom and don’t forget to take care of her even if you far away.

1) Learn always to forgive your mother. Forgiveness is the highest degree of reverence. It is not a secret that there are no perfect parents. You mother also can make mistakes but you should always remember that she loves you. Sometimes it happens that children expect from their moms more than they can give. Mom's love is sometimes blind and it happens that in excessive care about you, they can harm you. Forgive your mother always. Believe me, you are not always perfect and your mom often forgives you even if you don’t notice it. It is also necessary to ask forgiveness in time (

2) Speak good words about your mother. Talking about mother with respect is also a good way to respect her. It is no use to tell other people your family problems and misunderstandings. Even it is modern nowadays never do in such a way. Talking with friends, relatives, co-workers, always say only positive about your mother. Be proud of her and let other people respect her even if they have never seen her in reality.

3) Respect mother in public and in seclusion. What do you think is very important for our parents? It is important for them to know and see how they have positively influenced you. Don’t forget to pay tribute to parents everywhere. You can’t even imagine how your mother will be happy to hear phrases like this: I learned how to manage money thanks to your mother or I did it in such a way as you taught me, mom. It is very simple, but our parents are happy to hear it. We can say such things eye to eye or in public places or during the family holiday, when your task is to give a solemn speech.

4) Ask mother for advice. Of course, you are very clever and always know how to proceed. But remember that your mom knows a lot more and has a life experience. Ask her advice in different life situations and you will see how happy she’ll be. She is always ready to help you with a word or deed.

5) Support your mother financially if she needs it. You see, your mother can’t be always young and full of energy. In the fullness of time she spent a lot of money on you and your education. So it is normal if you will help your mother when you will have a well-paid job. Don’t let she ask you for a help, do it with joy and voluntarily.

6) Support your mother morally.  I think all parents are afraid of being old and lonely. And it is normal. When we are young we think that the whole life is before us and we try to be always independent.  But it will be perfect if you promise your mom never leave her alone when she grows old. Take care of her - it's your duty and it's better to do it with joy.

7) Invite your mother to visit you. Despite everything, your mom is always happy to see you and to communicate with you. If you are very busy at work, you need to find time for meeting with your best mother.

8) Take your mother on a picnic. It is wonderful time to have a rest, to have a heart-to-heart talk. You can tell about your joys and experiences. It's also cool to remember the time when you were a child and the mother often walked with you in the park.

9) Visit your mother and buy something for her. You don’t need the special case to visit you parents. You can buy some food and come without invitation or unannounced. Believe me, you mother will appreciate this.

10) Ring your mother up regularly. Find time to call and to ask how your mom is going, ask if she need something, how is her health. You can also tell your news. Your mother is always interested in your life but very often children forget about it.

11) From time to time ask your mother for a help. You can ask her to be with your children or to go for a walk with them. Grannies are always happy to see their grandchildren. You mother will be busy, helping you and she will feel that you still need her.

I will be happy if after reading this essay about mother you will make the right conclusions and will always not only admire, but appreciate your mother. And of course, don’t forget about our essay writing service for cheap.

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