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Tea is the best hot drink of all time. It has not lost its popularity for several centuries and in some countries tea is a national drink. There are probably thousands grades of tea in the world.

Sometimes it seems to me that people do not drink tea when they want to drink something hot, but when they want to spend time in a conversation with family or friends. Yes, tea is an excellent addition to leisurely friendly chatter. At such times you can drink more than one cup of this fragrant drink. For most people it is impossible to imagine the day without tea. There are some people who drink tea three times a day, others always drink tea in the morning. Believe me, a cup of favorite tea can energize for the whole day and also has a number of beneficial properties. If you are a great tea lover then you will definitely like this post. So, today our academic writing sites company decided to talk about tea and tell you some interesting facts.

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I am sure that you have heard about tea ceremonies. By the way, it's my dream to take part in a real tea ceremony.

Interesting facts about tea

So, various researches have shown that tea is the most popular beverage in the world. Only the English and Irish prefer beer more than tea. Now we will tell you about tea something that you probably have not heard. If you are interested in different popular menu trends, then this information  will be also useful for you.

1) Generally tea appeared by chance. If believe the Chinese legend, many thousands years ago, the Chinese emperor sat under a tree and waited for the servant to bring hot water. Holding a cup of water in his hand, he noticed that a couple of leaves fell into the water. The emperor decided to taste a drink and was very pleased with the fragrant and delicious liquid. Since then, he wished to have only this drink. Well, the tree from which the leaf fell was a wild plant - a camellia of Chinese.

2) England is considered to be the most tea-growing country. But tea in this country has never been grown. China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India are the birthplace of tea.

3) It is recommended to drink tea frequently for those people who have a poor immunity. This drink is very rich in antioxidants.

4) The word “tip” has a very interesting origin, from the very beginning it was not invented so that the waiter could drink tea. Once there were special tea gardens - a place where a person can relax or just spend time pleasantly, while enjoying a fragrant hot drink (tea). On each table was a box with the letters TIPS (To Insure Prompt Service). A man throws a coin there and the waiter gives him hot tea much quicker.

5) Tea bags were invented in a funny way. It happened in 1904. Thomas Sullivan usually only for the sake of convenience kept tea in thin silk pouches. It was more convenient and cheaper than iron jars. But one day, the client accidentally dropped the sachet and it fell into the water. As the result they received exactly the same drink. Then people decided to replace silk bags with cheaper materials, but we still use the advantages of tea bags. Although people immediately determined that tea from bags is much worse, because it loses its flavor. By the way, even now the lowest grade of tea is one that is sold in bags.

6) It is interesting that black and green tea is obtained from the same plant Camellia sinensis. Just a scheme of processing tea leaves is completely different. To get black tea, green leaves undergo special treatment, the moisture is removed and a long fermentation process begins. Green tea is considered to be more natural and contains 50% more vitamin C than black tea. So now you know what tea should be preferred in cases of colds.

7) Tea is also useful for teeth, because it has a little fluoride.

8) Never make tea in metal cups. It is better to use porcelain dishes.

9) People did not always use tea the same way as we now. Tea leaves were used in different ways. For example, when tea was brought to one of the European countries, at the royal kitchen tea leaves were used to make a salad. It is original, is not it?

Also in this section:

10) Many people believe that it is impossible to drink tea without sugar, they can not make a sip if the drink is not sweet. But the fact is that many years ago, real tea lovers put in a cup not a spoonful of sugar, but salt.

11) Tea perfectly absorbs odors. If you want to get rid of the smell of food on your hands, just wash them with tea. It also helps to avoid the smell of fish.

12) According to statistics, in one second people all over the Earth drink more than 2 million cups of tea.

13) Imagine that tea is still collected by hand. This type of economic activity does not lend itself to mechanization, since it requires great attention and dexterity of human hands. People who collect tea must sort the leaves according to the grades and depending on the place of collection. The process of classifying is very interesting. But often the plantations are situated high in the mountains and they are very small. Therefore, cheap labor and good weather conditions are always needed.

14) It is better to save tea in metal or glass jars. Hide them in a dark and cool place. But even in such conditions, tea does not need to be saved for more than a year, because it can also be spoiled and lose its flavor.

15) Do you know that sometimes tea cubes were used in the role of money? It was in Siberia until the 1800s.

16) It seems to me that even experienced tea lovers are not able to try all sorts of tea, because there are about 1500.

17) In the United States, cold tea dominates in sales. It was invented by an American in 1904.

18) I do not know why but in China black tea is called red. Maybe because it is not black, but has dark red or bronze, or brown color.

19) All of us get used to ordinary tea drinking. But are you ready to pay a huge amount of money to enjoy tea for two? So, in Hong Kong one hotel offers a tea party for 9 thousand dollars. This is the most expensive tea party in the world.

20) If you take part in the Chinese tea ceremony, then you should know that the Chinese thank the host for the hospitality in a rather interesting way. They just tap their fingers on the table. Here is the list of the best restaurants where you can taste perfect tea

21) Boston Tea Party once and forever reduced the popularity of tea in America. Until now, Americans prefer coffee beverages.

22) For many years, England received tea only through contraband. The drink was sold secretly in closed coffee shops. Only men could visit them.

23) Americans also grow their tea, but only in one state (South Carolina).

24) It was the trade in tea that quickly brought the East and the West closer together, facilitated the development of friendly relations between these parts of the world. By the way, high-speed transport vessels also appeared thanks to tea.

How to make a perfect tea

We all love this delicious aromatic drink, but I'm sure that not everyone knows how to make tea. Believe me, everything depends on the very process of making tea.

Today there is a huge selection grades of tea and even the most rare grades can be ordered through the Internet or found in specialized stores.

Now our academic assignment writing service will tell you a few secrets or rather the nuances that must be observed while you are making tea. After all, tea is a drink that you need to drink and enjoy it, getting pleasure from every sip.

1) Before you start making the tea, make sure that there is no sausage, meat, onions, fish or other products with a specific odor around it.

2) If you are going to fill the brewer with water be sure to rinse it with boiling water before. This is necessary for elementary disinfection and for the destruction of all smells. And most importantly never pour the boiling water itself, the hot water instantly destroys all the beneficial properties and pleasant aroma of tea. It is recommended to fill with water when the first bubbles begin to appear during boiling.

3) Remember that a cup of tea can never be filled to the brim, otherwise the fragrance will be defective and taste qualities too.

4) Never use the same tea-making twice, the tea leaves should always be fresh and fragrant. Do not store tea leaves near products that give off a pungent smell, because tea very quickly absorbs odors.

5) When making tea, you need to pay special attention to water, because the success depends on it. Use clean filtered water that was boiled only once. The water must be soft. Tea consists on 98% of water, so water can easily spoil all tastes.

6) It is not recommended to add milk to the tea. I know there are people who are fond of drinking tea with milk, and this is even delicious but in this case tea loses its healing effects. The interaction of milk proteins with the beneficial substances of tea does not bring good results.

7) But add to the tea a slice of lemon or a couple drops of lemon juice and the drink will get even more antibacterial properties. In addition, the lemon will still change the taste and will remove the bitterness of the drink. More information about lemon juice is here -

8) Remember that tea also has the ability to spoil. In general, you can save the brew until two years, but this is provided that the tea will be in the special box and in a cool dry place. But the best option is to use the brew for six months, because at last tea begins to lose its primary flavor and aroma.

9) Never make tea in a too small cup. When the leaves are poured with hot water, they begin to straighten and increase in volume and need to be not crowded in the cup.

10) Be sure to adhere to the proportions of tea and water strictly. Here there are no exact recommendations as everything will depend on the type of brewing and the size of the cup or brewer. Mostly, for a glass of water you need to take1 teaspoon of brew. If it is a question of large leaf tea or green and herb tea grades, then take 1.5-2 spoons for a glass of water.

11) Now the main thing is not to lose the moment when tea will be ready. If you do not follow the time, then tea just picks up, becomes bitter, tasteless and too dark in appearance. Black tea is ideally insisted for three to five minutes, and green and herbal even less - 2-3 minutes. So do not pour tea with water and go to another room or sit down to work in front of the computer, because in this way you will forget about the time. Do not get distracted and spend a couple of minutes, but as a result you can enjoy a divine drink.

12) Drink with pleasure. Remember that tea is not just a food product, it's a kind of tradition that is directly related to rest and communication. So even the cheapest tea was made in perfect way it can be an excellent addition to the evening! Well, the most expensive type of tea will turn out to be tasteless if it is drunk in a company of unfriendly people. Nobody will get satisfaction. So, often the main secret of delicious tea is not in the culinary world at all.

Have a nice tea! But be careful, tea is an exciting drink. And do not forget to invite friends. At last a few words about our company: the detail data is on the Internet and orders are accepted around the clock. Join our friendly customers team right now! Thousands of students choose this brilliant essay writing service every month.

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