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7 unnecessary daily activities

Sometimes people are tired of their life. It is a natural state, yet one needs an action plan. Our team is willing to share thoughts on this issue.

It seems that this daily routine will never come to the end. We have some interesting and useful tips for those people who lost hope for the bright future. To be happy we need to enjoy every day, every moment of our life. We know how to do it, but we need to stop doing some things. We are going to talk about the most popular mistakes people do every day. Maybe you do some of these things in your life; in this case, it will be better to change your life position.

It is very popular among other people to create different to-do lists. Such lists can help us become better, more successful and productive. They motivate us to do a lot of things during the day. But what can you say about lists with things we should never do?

I am sure that it sounds a little bit funny, but it is very useful and effective. Such lists can help you notice all your bad habits, which prevent from happy and productive life. I recommend you to read some of these habits.

Also in this section:

1) To live your life as someone else

Nowadays it is very popular. People spend a lot of time in front of the TV, looking through pictures of different celebrities’ life, etc. Do you think, all those actors, politicians, singers, dancers and other idols care about you? They will not get upset if you stop following their personal lives. And it will be very useful for you.

Instead of watching the best TV show, looking through profiles on Instagram, you can spend time with your friends or relatives. These people are really important to you and they will be happy to drink a cup of coffee with you or go shopping. Your siblings need your attention and your time. Appreciate every moment with your family and best friends.

Live your life since it is the only way to be happy!

You need to be affable with strangers as well, but do not think you must be good friends with everybody. You can enjoy the communication with others, but do not forget who is more important for you.

2) To think about the future instead of enjoying every moment

You need to understand something: those things that are happening now will never happen again. That is why all the people recommend to enjoy the moment and appreciate your time. It is your life! You can work a lot, but do not forget to enjoy traveling.

The people who make a lot of plans or think what they are going to do in the future are losers. You need to do it here and now!

Think about the present moment. This step between the past and the future reflects your self.

I know it is very difficult to appreciate every moment. Some events often become important to us when they are in the past. Yet be thankful for what you have and let the future be in the future. You can’t foresee everything, you can’t get prepared for everything, so it is better to live in the present.

3) To put decisions off

Our life is full of different decisions. And sometimes people are too tired; they spend many hours or even days to make the right decision.

There are some situations when we must think a lot before doing something. But it most cases the first decision that came into your mind is the best one. I know it is very difficult for you to decide, but there is nothing worse than to refuse to make a decision.

Decisiveness and boldness set the pace of your life. Choose your tempo.  

And one more thing: never waste your time on unnecessary things. Something like advertising, for instance.

4) Yes instead of No

It is very important to be able to refuse. Some people have no idea how can they deny others. But it is better not to promise when you are not sure that you will be able to do it.

You need to appreciate your time! Sometimes you can be busy to take part in a new project, to go with your friend for a walk or to take your friend's child to school. Nothing will happen if you refuse.

A normal person will always understand that you are also busy. I know it is very difficult to deny your best friend, colleague or boss. But it is better to deny than to overload yourself.

The conclusion is the following: say No when it is necessary for you.

5) To buy things you do not need

It is the problem for many women, firstly. But doing this, you will never have financial stability. It is the greatest advantage – to be able to spend your money in the right way. Those people who think that they will be happy, buying new things, - are wrong. It is the motto of the modern system of advertising.

Before buying something new and expensive, you need to think: do I really need this thing?

Is it better than what I have? And only after an honest answer you can make the decision. Spend money on those things, you really need, but always remember what and why you buy. It is very easy to learn to save money.

6) To gossip

In childhood, everybody knows that it is bad to gossip. But if you want to know something about the person, it is better to ask and not to imagine. It is speculation that gives rise to gossip. It is too meanly to discuss the behavior of others when they are absent.

Still, people like to do it all the time. Do not be like them. Can you remember one important rule?

Never talk about a person those things you cannot tell him/her face to face.

Be honest with others and try to avoid such people who like to gossip. Be sure they will discuss your actions as well. It is very important to stop gossiping.

7) To be active all the time

Maybe it seems strange to you, but every person needs to do nothing from time to time. We need a rest every day. It is good when during the working day you can make several pauses. You will be more successful and productive. Find some minutes to have a rest, to think, to restore. Even if you are too busy, you need a break. Do you remember the rule of life?

The rule of life: Enjoy every moment!

LiveCustomWriting does assignments for money 

Yet, it is not the only our function. We also provide helpful advice. 

You can think about your mistakes and ponder the sense of life for a long time. Still, everything boils down to actions. Ultimately, deeds matter, and overthinking is often harmful to success.

Make a strong decision once and for all. Say “goodbye” to these phrases:

- I will only relieve stress today

- What if it is all in vain?

- Ten more minutes and I will get up

- It is my last fast food for lunch

- I will only check out this post on Instagram and log out…

- I will start on Monday

- Today is the last time I do…

It does not work like that. Just do it right here right now.

Lessons of wisdom from our agency

Understanding of some life rules comes with experience. Check out conclusions made by our authors.

1. Happiness is inside you

Do not chase fashion, trends, and brands passionately. People often care about others’ opinions and acceptance too much. In fact, this external world is unpredictable and changeable. One can never be perfect for everyone. It is better to risk and to make something weird rather than to please others.  Never lose individuality and do not betray your dreams. Finally, you will find someone who will like you. Yet do not change yourself in order to be loved.

Just live in harmony with your inner world and stop looking for answers and someone to blame. You are the only one who is responsible for your destiny.

2. Do not try to control everything

Chaos is a natural element of the universe. You cannot be responsible for everything in your life. Even the sincerest aspirations can be broken in the atmosphere of injustice and unfavorable circumstances. 

3. Take experience adequately

You have a margin for error. It is true only if you make proper conclusions and do not repeat it. The past shapes your personality: its influence may be direct and indirect. Thus, do not ignore and do not dwell on it. Pain and joy cannot be deleted from your destiny.

 4. Stay tolerant

You have heard a million times that “we are all different”. The problem is how to take this fact and what to do about it. Realize that everyone you meet in life has a particular role. It is not always about support, help, inspiration, or encouragement.

Looking at some guys, you think “luckily, I’m not like him” or “I will never act like her”.  There are people who teach you to be strong and careful. Their lessons can be painful. It is up to you whether to learn or to give up. 

5. Do not take it personally

Adolescents might have psychological complexes. We won’t console you. Yet, you need to know the truth. Actually, nobody cares about you. (Maybe, except for your parents and a couple of friends). However, all the rest do not pay much attention to your issues, appearance, or clothes. People’s deeds reflect their personal lives, first of all.

 6. Nature is good therapy

This simple piece of advice is effective. If you feel down, go for a walk. The vibe of trees, the beauty of landscapes, and the freshness of air will recover your vital forces.

7. Perfectionism is the greatest illusion

Striving to be the best, let yourself make mistakes and be happy regardless of the result. Chill out from time to time.  Feeling every moment, you understand that real life is a sequence of ups and downs.

8. Say “yes” to everything that makes your eyes shine

Following a dream, you will find forces to overcome all difficulties. Decisions are easily found when you see your goal clearly. Passion is what drives your life, thus, do not bury it under routine stuff.

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