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Forget these phrases and you will be happy

To be in a relationship is not very easy. Every day you must respect the person you are in love with. Everything is full of romantic only for the first two months and later the reality begins. Different characters, different attitude to money and life, difficult opportunities - all this can cause quarrels, problems and disagreements in the family. Today we are going to help you and will share some phrases. You must avoid them in your life! These phrases are really dangerous; they can kill your relationship. People, who start talking like that, do not even understand that they can destroy everything.

1) It's all your fault! It is the first and the most popular statement among the lovers. Of course, it is the easiest thing to blame someone but we need to forgive ( Everybody can be guilty, but what about you? Even if your friend is really guilty in this situation, do not focus on it at the same minute. Those people who appreciate the relationship must be wise and clever. Wait some time and then you can discuss everything, realize who was wrong and why it happened. You will be able to draw the right conclusions and will try not to make the same mistakes in the future. So, the advice number one: never add insult to injury.

Also in the section:

2) But he (she) always did it for me. Never remember your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in your conversation! Did you understand me? Never! When we talk about the relation that came to the end, it means that we are still thinking about it, missing it and regretting about everything.  It is stupid to compare your lover with the previous one. You know that there are no perfect people on the Earth. So, why do you need to offend someone who really loves you? Your past will never come back. Forget about it forever. You can get tired of something. In this case, try to explain to your partner that something is wrong. You can decide together how to change the situation. Each person is unique, so appreciate what you have now.

3) What a nonsense! I've never heard it before! Sometimes our friends have a strange idea; they can express their thoughts in a way that you do not like. But it's okay. Do not criticize those you love. Otherwise, a person can simply get quiet forever and will never share his own thoughts with you. You must respect all the people, especially your boyfriend or girlfriend.

4) You can do nothing in the right way. Never say something like this. You know, the person tried to help you and do everything in the best way. Remember that not everyone is a handyman. And you should realize, what is more important for you: to keep things quiet in the family or repaired shelf in the kitchen? Thank the person as he (she) wanted to help you and forget about this failure. You are not the one girl who thinks her boyfriend does nothing around the house. It is possible to change the situation.

5) And I told you. I recommend forgetting this statement forever. Is it so important for you to be right all the time? Do you want to have the final word all the time? Believe me, it is not always good. Let other people make mistakes from time to time. Only those people who do nothing will never make a mistake. You must love and support other people. but do not criticize them all the time. Smile and say that next time everything will be better. Remember that it is awful to stay alone (

6) If you really loved me, you would never… It is not good to make demands and it is not fair to your boyfriend, husband, wife, etc. I guess manipulating your lover is not that fun. Never make your sweetheart choose: you or other things. You should remember that the patience may run dry at the worst possible time. I am sure that you like when other people respect you and take into account your wishes. You can do the same. Try to find a compromise and consider the desire of your friend.

7) Never wear it! I know that all the people are different and everyone has his own style of clothes. Be sure to discuss the details of your wardrobe with your lover. For example, your husband does not like short skirts. You can wear this type of clothes only at home, when none of the strangers can see. Do not you like the old T-shirt of your hubby? You can throw it out and buy a new one. It is not very difficult to improve the dress style of your lover.

8) My mom did it differently. This phrase is very popular among men. Do not know why, but they always compare their girlfriends or wives with their mothers. It is stupid and it can ruin even the best relationship. Your wife or girlfriend will never be like your mom. Remember it forever! And you should know that it is very unpleasant for girls when they are compared with other women. Be careful with such phrases, you can receive the certain answer: go away and live with your mom forever! You can teach your wife how to do some things, but never remember your mother’s name. Do not forget that persuasive communication skills can be very useful.

9) You are not good in bed. It is the greatest humiliation for a man. Maybe he was too tired today or had a difficult day at work. You can talk about it and try something new. But do not be in a hurry to make the wrong conclusions.

10) Everybody is a loser in your family. Family is very important for everybody and you can’t say something bad about family members of your sweetheart. You are the part of this family, try to respect everyone. Try not to take part in family quarrels.

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