Top 10 The Biggest McDonald’s Restaurants


Top 10 The Biggest McDonald’s RestaurantsI think that everybody know what McDonald’s restaurant is and what the menu they have. I am sure that there are a lot of people who hates fast food and never eat hamburgers and French fries. Other people prefer the vegetarian lifestyle (more information here However the most people prefer only the restaurants with such kind of food. It is not quite good for health but always quickly and inexpensively. Among fast foods restaurants McDonald’s is number one for many years. This restaurant you can visit in almost every country especially in big cities. Today we are going to talk about the biggest restaurants all over the world. If you will have an opportunity, visit them necessarily. To feed so many people, the giant fast food chain opens a lot of gigantic restaurants. To know where they are, read the list below.

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1) The largest McDonald's (London, UK) - 3 000 sq. m.

The biggest restaurant was built in London (Olympic Park) to serve the visitors of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. In addition to the large, it received the title of "green", as it was built entirely of recyclable materials. The restaurant could visit about 1500 visitors at once. It was really the huge building. Why I said was? The answer is simple: after the ending of the Olympic Games the restaurant was dismantled. It was no use of such a huge McDonald’s in London. At the usual time it is almost unreal to gather thousand lovers of fast foods together.

2) McDonald's (Vinita, USA) - 2706 sq.m.

As the first McDonald’s was opened in the USA then it is not surprising that one of its huge restaurants is also situated in this country. This restaurant is built in an interesting way – it has the shape of the huge bridge. Every day hundreds of people came to spend time there as there is a beautiful view from the windows of the main hall.

3) Rock’N’Roll McDonald's (Chicago, USA) - 2 230 sq.m.

This restaurant building has its particular qualities. Three walls of this building were made of glass and on the rooftop there is a lawn. This is one of the few nominal this restaurant chain - Rock N Roll McDonald's. This restaurant has three floors and about 300 visitors can be here at once. This restaurant is very comfortable for those people who most part of their life spends in their car. There are two McDrive here.

4) McDonald’s in Moscow (Russia)

I am sorry but this restaurant area is unknown for everybody. This is really a huge building. 900 visitors can be served here. I think it is the biggest McDonald’s in the whole Europe. For the long time it was the largest on the Earth. And this restaurant has its own record: 30 thousands people were served here for the day. Isn’t it really amazing?

5) McDonald's (Frankfurt, Germany) - 650 visitors

Among all the European countries Germany has the most restaurants of this type (1478 in the whole country). And it is quite normal that in the airport in Frankfurt there is the second biggest restaurant. 650 people can visit it at once and for the year it is visited by one million passengers. But the most interesting fact is that in this airport there are also three restaurants of this brand. But they are smaller, of course.

6) McDonald's (Florida, USA) - 1765 sq.m.

And we come back to the United States again. In Florida also leave the lovers of fast food. This restaurant is really huge and soon it will become a little bit bigger. Besides café and shops, here will be bowling and play area and something else.

7) Viva McDonald's (Las Vegas, NV, USA) - 799 sq.m.

This restaurant is in modern and nice building as it is situated in the famous Las Vegas. The main feature of this McDonald’s is two large kitchens. You know, sometimes people in this city don’t like to wait for their food. And this restaurant appreciates each visitor. Some people think that McDonald’s addiction is the same as computer (

8) McDonald's (Tokyo, Japan) - 795 sq.m.

Now it is the turn of Japan. The McDonald’s in Tokyo is the largest in the country.  If several square meters more and the building would be one of the biggest in the world, but Japanese did not think about it. At once the restaurant can visit about 328 visitors and we are not talking about those people, who came to buy a cup of coffee at McCafe.

9) McDonald's (Perth, Australia) - 640 sq.m.

This restaurant is the only large in Australia. It is unusual. There are flowers everywhere. Even the plastic trays are wooden here.

10) McDonald's (Toronto, Canada) - 450 sq.m.

People in Canada also prefer the popular fast food. The large restaurant was built near the Toronto. It is situated at the zoo territory and you can enter it from two different zones. But the menu is always the same. To tell the truth, for the last time people started to build this kind of restaurants of recyclable materials and according to different eco-technologies. I hope that in the future their menu will also change for the better.

If you are the supporter of such kind of food, then you have visited different McDonald’s a lot of times. Now you know where situated the real giants, so if you will have the opportunity try to visit them. And if you want to have only good marks, remember that we can write your essay marked with A+ for you.

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