Andy Murray Takes The 1st Place In Ranking


Andy MurrayToday our cheap custom writing essay will tell you about the world of sports. We're going to talk specifically about the great and world known tennis player – Andy Murray. Nowadays the sportsman is on top of the success. But it was not always in the same way. He was born in Scotland and is really proud of his origin. Nowadays Andy is a British citizen and received the knighthood. This event was very important for the tennis player as it showed that his country is proud of his achievements.

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The Biography

Andy was born in the special family. His grandfather was a talented football player and he was the member of some famous at that time football clubs. The elder Andy’s brother is also a professional tennis player. Andy’s mother was a tennis coach. So, it is not surprising, that the boy took the tennis racket at three years old. It was his first and little steps to the great world of professional sport.

When he was nine he was the witness of the great tragedy – Dunblane School massacre. The boy and his brother were present at the classroom when the man killed 16 pupils, the teacher and at last himself. Poor Andy was too little to understand something but he survived and it was a good sign. In front of the boy was a great future.

Andy Murray became the professional player during the next nine years. His success came to him when he made his debut at the ATP-tour events. In addition, he was specifically invited by the organizers to take part in the tournament in Barcelona. This season he was on the 64th line rating. But it was only the beginning.

The first great victory was at winter 2016. He won really difficult match because his opponent was in the list of ten the strongest tennis players all over the world.

Andy Murray debuted at the Olympics in Pekin. By the way, when he represented his country he was in the same team with his brother. Now Andy Murray could win the Wimbledon. He became the first Briton, who was able to win in singles since 1936.

Nowadays Andy Murray is number one in ratings. We can say that he is really best of the best. In general, Andy Murray is very resistant and has a thirst for victory and he never gives up and is not going to stop for the rest.

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To Receive A New Status

The first-ranked Briton Andy Murray claims to knighthood. He was the winner of the "Wimbledon" and the Olympic Games in Rio, he is already an officer of the Order of the British Empire and now can become a knight on the results of the traditional New Year's distribution of honorary titles. Of course, Andy himself is sure that he is still too young to receive the title of knight. A lot of co-workers called Andy “sir” and it is pleasantly but funny. Andy always called sir those people who were older (professors, teachers) and he is very proud to receive the title of the knight. But this event changed nothing in his life, for everybody he is the previous Andy and he continued to work hard – to achieve his goals.

Last News And Victories

1) At November 2016 during the last game at the final ATP championship, against Novak Djokovic of Serbia Andy Murray played great. But at last he said that it was not the best match, as Andy himself felt bad and tired. From the very beginning he knew, that something was wrong with him. He worried about this game but it had the happy end for him. Murray pulled himself together and at last he won. The player told the journalists that he is worrying about the next season. The previous one was rather successful but also exhausted, and took a lot of physical and psychological forces. The main goal of the Britain player – is every year to play better than the past. Andy explained that his new status does not change his life. He is 29 years old now and understands that this age is not perfect for the new that is why he feels the great responsibility.

2) Andy Murray told about his future plans. At the end of the season Andy admitted that he is not used to have the long-term plans. He just has a special goal and he is going to win the Australian Open the contest, which starts in January. Later will be the five months to the next competitions and it is very important to keep fit all this time.

3) In January 2017 was the Australian Open competitions and Andy was the winner again. It was his 25th successful match. Murray said that he is glad with the results and he intends to continue in the same spirit. The player is proud of this game as the opponent was quite serious. For the years of his sport career Murray became really successful person, on our website you can read the main secrets of successful people.

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