The Kingdom OF Dwarfs In China


The Kingdom OF Dwarfs In ChinaHave you noticed dwarfs in public places? I’m sure that yes. When we saw a dwarf we feel uncomfortable and I think that small people also are tired of prying eyes and a lot of children’s questions. Today our academic editing service decided to tell you about one group of dwarfs which created another life for themselves. They separated from society and built the real fairyland. They live there in reality and every day give two performances for the tourists. They earn money and are happy on that they can live their lives in a separate world, where there are no big people. Do you want to feel like a real Gulliver? Let’s visit the fairyland of dwarfs in China. If this text will seem exciting for you, you can order the other essays wherever you want. We know that students have different life situations and we are not interesting in them but always offer our help.

China, Kunming city

Prima facie, Chinese town Kunming is the ordinary place where live the ordinary people. But in reality, it has one peculiarity – the unordinary village full of small people. Dwarfs have a difficult life in our world and they are tired of eternal ridicule from people, misunderstandings in transport and in other areas of life. And at this place they are almost happy and feel like full people. So, they fairyland of dwarfs is not the fantasy or fiction, it is the real village near the Kunming (Yunnan province) and here live 120 dwarfs. The youngest if 18 years old and the oldest is 48.

The kingdom of dwarfs appeared thanks to the successful Chinese businessman Chen Mintszin, who sympathized with poor people greatly. He imagined what a difficult life they had in the big cities and created the way to help the small people. Despite their growth, they are normal people who want to eat and to drink, who need money and want to go to work. There were thousands of opinions about the creating of such village. Some people considered it to be the real freak show but others are sure, it's a great way for small people to self-actualize.

If you listen to the dwarfs themselves you will understand that they are very happy here. They feel comfortable in their funny clothes and tiny fairy houses. In their own world there is no place for the big people with their laws. Every day they meet only with tourists that are rather admired with dwarfs.

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The real fairy kingdom

You are wrong if you think that this village is something like the big circus. No, it is the real small town with the hospital, school, café, shops (including the souvenir shop and even flower shop), police and fire service. The entire infrastructure was created specifically for small people. Their life is quite real here, they go to work, ride bikes, go for a walk, go shopping, meet each other etc. They are busy here, they feel that somebody need them and that is why everyone is happy.

It seems to me that all the fairy and little houses dwarfs built themselves. Houses are built in the form of mushrooms and trees. They are tiny but very comfortable. Dwarfs are happy to organize a special country tour for curious tourists. Each small person is dressed in theatrical costumes. Here you can meet a lot of Dwarves, elves, monks, angels, businessmen, centurions and even celebrities. It is the main part of their life. Twice a day there is a special performance here called the “Dwarfs kingdom” and in such a way they earn money. When they have dree time they play poker and badminton, learn English at free lessons and have a great time with their neighborhoods.

Whether it was a gesture of kindness or the next attempt to make money on the people?

One of the citizens told that as they are small people, and are used to the fact that the big people pushed around them and exploit them. There are no big people in our village. And everything we do, we do with great pleasure for ourselves. The town of little people became a local landmark, a kind of amusement park for tourists. If the small man or woman wants to live there they know about the main rule – the growth should not be more than 130 cm. The city was created in 2009 at that time talented dwarfs gave the first performances. The first citizens came to the village on April 2013 and since that time the city became very successful.  It was a great project and a kind gesture of kindness for people who have no place in a large modern world. Those people who think that Chen Mingjing is profiting from someone else's grief are wrong. But Mr. Chen is adamant and he knows the true motives of his act.

To live a full life

All the actors are serious about their work. They work a lot, have a lot of rehearsals, learn the roles etc. They understand that it is the type of their life and are thankful for it. Read also about the signs that it’s high time for you to change the job - In average every small actor has about 100-250 euro per months. It is great money for them and often all the dwarfs save them as they don’t need to pay for the flat or food. Everything for them is free. They live not in private houses but in ordinary hostels. They have the shared kitchens where food is prepared for all of the citizens. In general these people are very friendly.

I can’t understand those people who are afraid of dwarfs and don’t want to visit such places. What are you thinking about? Do you want these poor people to live in special districts or cages? They are real people and they work as actors of mere motion. They are happy doing it! They are not alone across the whole country, they live among the same people, everyone is equal, no ridicule, humiliation, insults and pain. In one Ukrainian tourist city Lvov you can visit the special café called Legends House (you are able to read more about the restaurants in the USA This is not the usual café and among waiters and waitresses there are a lot of dwarfs. Such was the idea of the restaurant director and I think that small people are thankful for the opportunity to have the real and well-paid job.

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