Features Of Families In Different Countries Of The World


Each country all over the Earth has its own traditions and ceremonies. People who live in the country should adhere to these traditions as it’s the own way to save them and to pass on these traditions to next generations. Of course, the modern world changes our life and all the inventions help us to feel more secure and guarantee life with comforts.

However, we should keep the heritage that was passed on to us from generation to generation, the very heritage that our ancestors valued and respected for many years. It is the history of the country. Today custom essay help service decided to tell you some interesting facts about the families in different countries on different continents. All the continents are quite different but still they have similar features. About these peculiarities you will read in this essay. Our company can help you with writing tasks. We guarantee the high quality of each paper as they are almost original and without plagiarism. The managers are always online to explain you everything. You can make the order right now.

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Families in Australia

Australia is a young continent that’s why all its traditions appeared recently. It is not a problem for people who live here, to move from one place to another. They are not attached to houses where their ancestors or relatives lived. For them, everything is practically new, so it's not so hard to leave it. They live at those places where they have a well-paid job. Australians are very proud for their country and the living conditions they created. Family ties here mean practically nothing.  All the traditions are new and modern. But in general every family has its own traditions as the most people in this country are emigrants.  All the Australians are cheerful and happy people. In this country is not accepted when children stay with parents for a long time. When children grew up, then parents also want to live for their own pleasure. It is interesting but the Australia is divided into different districts for the young people and for the old people. This nation is very friendly and talkative.

Families in Africa

This continent considered to be the separate part of the world. Most of us associate Africa just with Egypt, Hurgada, and other popular resorts. Most all countries on this continent have the ancient customs, which have survived to this day. Civilization did not much affect this continent. People have the ancient religions and it is difficult for them to perceive modern laws. Let’s take the families in Egypt for example. Women should to cover all the body and hair, and can only leave the hands, feet and face open.

Families in Egypt consists not only with the husband, wife and children, they include all the husband’s relatives. The eldest man is the leader and all the sons and their families are the part of the group. Such groups live together, eat together, and sometimes even work together. People here don’t like changes. If the Egyptian decided to be married it means that it is serious and forever. People believe that all the life difficulties they can overcome if they will be all together. Here everybody help each other, respect all the members of the family and love them. Egyptians understand if they are alone they mean nothing. Children should deeply respect their parents. It is very popular here when cousins can be wife and husband.

Families in Europe

It is difficult to tell about European families in general as Europe united many cultures and many traditions. We can talk a lot about the Arab countries with their strict Muslim laws, where all rights belong only to men. In Christian countries a great role plays the church. We are not going to describe all the countries and families but we have chosen the most interesting ones.

Families in Switzerland. This successful (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/15-signs-that-you-are-successful-in-life) and rich country is full of old traditions. For a long time women considered to be worse than men (they received the lower wages, can’t easy find the job etc.) People here are divided into Protestants and Catholics. Modern families are small, nobody wants to have many children. But in catholic families sometimes you can see many children (about ten). Usually the Swiss get married late. People respected their ancestors and each family has at least one national costume and there are many folklore holidays in the country. If children stay with parents then children become house owners and the elderly are given a separate room or territory. If a wife wants to get a job she needs the consent of her husband, where the family will live only the husband decides. But there are so many divorces in Switzerland.

Families in France. We think that France is full of romance and the Paris attracts women from all over the world. Men in France are very attentive, polite and gallant. All relationships begin with the right conversation. But it is what we think about France people. In reality, they don’t respect marriage and prefer the civil marriage. Family for French people includes just the father, mother and a child and no relatives. Young families don’t want to have children at once, for some time they live one for another. If the parents are busy and the child wants to ask something, the baby will have to wait, only when there is time, mom and dad will pay attention to it. But despite everything in France people respect all the members in family and try to spend all the weekends and holidays together. They don’t forget about the traditions. The husband is the head in the family. French people are very friendly, they appreciate friends, like to spend time in restaurants with noisy companies. Welcome to our website all the data and services are described there.

Families in Norway. It is not unexpected when people who know each other since childhood got married. People marry, have children and live perfectly in a family in which mutual understanding reigns. It is normal in Norway. Civil marriages are also popular here. Children born in a lawful or civil marriage have the same rights. At 18 children became independent and earn money for their living and housing. Between parents and children are always friendly relations. Families in Norway have from one to four children and the first child can be born when the parents are about 30 years old. The mother can receive 11 months of leave, which will be paid, and then she will receive a child allowance as well. The Norwegian family usually has its own house, which is bought on credit. Both parents go to work as they need to pay the credits. Very often you can meet the family which in restaurant will pay separately. Mother and father have separate bank accounts. Norwegians love and respect their children but they don’t always control them. If you have problems with writing papers always choose our cheap online essay proofreader.

Families in Germany. This country is famous for its high culture. It is normal when marrieds respect each other, support and know that you can completely rely on your husband or wife. German people always want to be ideal even in family relationships, in the upbringing of children, in work and study. Very often people leave in the civil marriage and just in years they can legitimize their relationship. For every German it is important that in his house everything should be always beautiful and cozy. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable if you visit the German family as everything at home everything is perfect and you don’t where you can sit and don’t break this order. If there is a small child in the house, you will not find scattered toys or children's things anywhere. But Germans are very friendly and love to have guests. Since 18 children became independent. Young people often have to study and to work.  Families respect all the relatives and always try to gather together on different holidays. But children always should say beforehand that they are going to visit the parents. Grandparents never help to nurse the grandchildren as they have their own private life. They can visit the children take them for a walk and that’s all (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/live-long-and-prosper-countries-by-highest-life-expectancy).

Families in Italy.  The husband is always the main in the family but wife also has a lot of responsibility. Boys grew up very spoiled but the girls on the contrary. A man will adore his mother all his life, and even being a married man, he will often come to his parents' house to dine or bring his dirty shirts. If you want to get married you just need to have good relations with the mother of your lover. Mothers can influence on her children greatly. Men in Italy are very romantic persons, they will invite women for romantic dinners, make merry journeys. Family for them is not only the closest relative, but also all who are related to them though by some kindred ties. Family ties are very important for them. In Italian families it is common to solve all problems or make decisions together. For the man the most important task is to make his beloved woman happy.

Families in Great Britain. It is quite impossible to see the young woman with little child on the streets of Great Britain. Women in this country are not ready to have the child at an early age. At first people had to become financial independent and only that they can think about marriage. Usually the average family has three children. Often in English families you can see the nurse (even from different countries) as the mother is successful businesswoman. There are many different sections, playgrounds and many special places for children in the UK. Parents often take their children with them to shops, bars or cafes. Probably in no one country people pay so many attentions to children as in the UK. All the people around are very friendly, always ready to help the mother to look after the baby. The relationship of husband and wife in the UK can probably be called the ideal of family life.

Families in Belgium. And the last country we are going to discuss is Belgium. People in this country have the strongest families ever. Relatives like to gather together and at this time the house is full of noisy and happy children. Even young people like to visit their aunts, uncles and grandparents. When children grew up they always live separate from their parents. Grandparents can help to take the grandchildren from the kinder garden or school. Belgians are fond of traveling and they are ready to visit all the countries with their family. They can spend about 2 000$ for the family holiday. They like to spend time in conversations when they gather together. They discuss everybody and everything but never talk about their own financial problems. People in this country are very friendly and they like to have guests. Mostly the Belgians get married at 25-30 when they almost understand what they want to receive from their life. At first, they buy a house and make it cozy and only then think about having children. Women work as much as men. In the Belgian family, all duties are divided between husband and wife, equally. Parents always think about the future for their children and while the child is in the kinder garden they think about his higher education and choose the university.

I am sure that this essay was very interesting and you got to know a lot of new information. Maybe after reading this essay you’ll want to visit some of these countries. I recommend you to use this opportunity as traveling is always wonderful and fantastic. You can always contact us with a request – help me write an essay, and we never deny you.

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