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For some people traveling is a way of life. They are fond of adventures and can’t imagine their life without journeys. Sometimes it is impossible for us to understand such people, who spend all the time and money on traveling. But real travelers can have depression when they need to stay in the same city for a long time. During the trips, we can find new and the best friends as traveling can show us who is who. Do you want to know whether the person is good or not? Take him on a trip and you will understand everything. Today our custom research paper service with PhD writers is going to talk about the most popular travelers all over the world. For some of them trips are just a kind of hobby, others can’t imagine their life without new countries. If you have difficulties with writing tasks, it is better to choose our company.

Travelers can change the world

Travelers are always interested in distant roads, in something new, unknown and mysterious. They are not just dreamers; they are those who know how to make dreams come true. At first, I would like to tell you about people whose journeys changed the world. Thanks to these travelers, new continents and lands were discovered, new countries were created.

1) Christopher Columbus. He was a clever, intelligent and proud of himself. When he was a little boy, he had dreamed about a great treasure full of gold coins. The boy did not forget about his dreams, even when he became a young man. He went on a trip and found the greatest hoard ever. He became the discoverer of one of the best countries in the world.

Christopher spent most of his life traveling by ship. He drew geographic maps, made routes for his team. Do not forget that Columbus traveled in the 15th century and there were no modern conveniences and technologies.

2) Vasco da Gama. He was lucky to live in the era of the Great Discoveries and that is why his main dream was to discover new lands. He was from a rich family, was interested in mathematics and astronomy (read about unbelievable astronomical events). Vasco da Gama hated all these social conversations, balls, classical music, etc. He led the expedition to open a sea road to India. Vasco da Gama was equipped with the latest navigation devices, and he was very successful on his trips. He discovered new ways, came to India and found a common language with the natives.

3) Miklukho Maclay. This man was born in Saint Petersburg, but he did not live in this city for a long time. The young man moved to Germany and his adventures started from this country. Soon young Maclay went on his first trip; he visited Canary Islands, Madeira. At first, Miklukho Maclay was an explorer of the fauna, but soon he became an ethnographer. But he died in Russia when he was only 42 years old. The doctors told that hundred of expeditions killed him. But Miklukho left a lot of notes, diaries, drawings, maps, which were very valuable at that time.

4) Fernand Magellan. He was born in Portugal. I think each of you heard about the Strait of Magellan. But for the discovery of this way members of the expedition paid the great price. In the Philippines, Fernand was killed, the rest of the travelers decided to come back home. As a result, only 18 people out of 200, one ship out of five, reached the native coasts. We can recommend you an American essay writer at affordable prices.

5) James Cook. This young man made a great career. Firstly, he was an ordinary cabin boy on the ship, and then he was a leader of the expedition. He and the members of his expedition discovered New Caledonia, South Georgia, and Easter Island, Marquesas Islands, Friendship Island and other places. James Cook was killed during his third expedition. It happened in the Hawaiian Islands during one of the conflicts with the natives.

You see, the travelers of that time were not just adventurers; they wanted to discover new lands. They were talented people, geographers, scientists; they really knew that everything was very dangerous, that after the next expedition it will be possible never to return home. But these travelers were fearless, so the world is still proud of these people. Choose our editing proofreading services for student.      

Most popular modern travelers

The purpose of traveling can be different. Writers from our cheap custom college essay writing service are fond of traveling. And today we discuss the most popular travelers of nowadays. There are some people on the Earth who are not interested in earning money, sitting in front of the computer in the office, watching films on TV. But every day they can see the beautiful places of our planet not on the screen of their gadgets, but with their own eyes. You know that travelers of ancient times had the main desire – to discover new lands, but modern travelers just want to set new records. They note everything (how much money they spent on the trip, how much time it took and so on). Now it is very popular to blog about traveling (we are one of proficient homework sites for students). People share the information about their adventures, experiences, give advice on how to arrange a trip and spend a minimum of expenses.

1) Jim Shekhdar was born in England. He moved to India when he was only 7 years old. It was his first acquaintance with the culture of another country. He knew that two men from England swam across the Pacific on boats. Jim and his friend decided to do the same, and they were successful. It takes them 65 days to swim across the Atlantic Ocean on boats. But Jim was not satisfied, and he decided to swim across the Pacific Ocean alone. It was too dangerous; Jim had products for 8 months and only one boat. Only in eight months he reached the destination point. Jim was almost exhausted, ill, but happy. He did it! And the last meters to the long-awaited land, he was swimming because his boat was covered with a great wave.

2) Jacek Edward Pałkiewicz is Italian journalist and writer. He is fond of real adventures and during his life he had many interesting trips. For example, he traveled on camels across the Gobi desert and the Sahara, on deer - to the North Pole, on an Indian pie and lifeboat - across the Atlantic Ocean.

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3) Fedor Konyukhov. Now he is 60 years old, but he is still young at heart and full of energy. When he was 58 years old, he was at the top of Everest, conquered 7 greatest mountains together with climbers. He is fearless, purposeful, and always happy to receive a new experience and impressions. Fedor was a member of 40 expeditions; he still believes that there is something unknown on our planet. Not everything was discovered on the Earth. He crossed the seas and oceans, was on the North and South Poles, made 4 round-the-world voyages, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean 15 times. One trip was on a rowing boat. He prefers to travel alone. He is a great traveler, and he wrote 9 interesting books about adventures. He proved to the world that there is nothing impossible for the man. Fear of roads is very strong among human fears, but this man is fearless.

4) Jacques-Yves Cousteau decided to show all the people how beautiful and amazing the undersea world is. Diving was not popular at that time and it was very dangerous to fall to the depth. Once Jacques nearly died, but he did not give up. The first film he decided to devote to sunken ships. He devoted his whole life to exploring the underwater world and never regretted it. His wife and two sons often helped him. You can buy a research paper for college right now.

5) Jason Lewis. This man became popular as a traveler who has traveled around the world without using trains, planes, ships and cars. It took him about 13 years, but it was worth of all the time, efforts and money. Sometimes people talk to James and say that he is really cool. But the traveler smiles and says that this man is cool for him, who every day goes to the same office to earn money. He can’t even imagine this boring life when people are always busy and have the same problems.

6) Jimmy Nelson. This traveler is a good friend to indigenous peoples of the Pacific and the Far North. He is a photographer and makes pictures of those peoples, as he knows that soon they will disappear forever. Jimmy wrote about the rituals, photographed the clothes, jewelry, weapons, and symbols. Nelson is sure that these peoples are the happiest all over the world. They live on the Earth, but they are not a part of our modern world and civilization. They are happy, and they have the wonderful harmony everywhere.

7) Paul Salopek. He was the first man who went across the Hijaz desert in Saudi Arabia by foot. At first, he was a great foreign correspondent in Africa, Central Asia, and the Balkan Peninsula and in Latin America.

8) Maria Leierstam. You see, the great travelers were not only men. Maria was the first who reached the South Pole by bike. It was the greatest record, she came the first and all the men were somewhere behind. Do you know that sometimes the temperature at the South Pole can be -92C? Maria had many difficulties, but, of course, she is proud of herself.

9) Don Parrish visited almost all the geographical places all over the world. He came to the 847 places on the Earth and only 28 left for visiting. He is interested in the history of countries he visited. Many years ago Don decided not to get married, he has no children, and he is rich enough to make all his dreams come true.

10) Levison Wood. He is the first man on our planet who walked about 6,500 kilometers along the Nile. Levison decided to see all the beauty of nature with his own eyes.

I should also mention the great man without limbs – Nick Vujicic. He has no arms and legs, but he has great opportunities, and he uses almost all of them, I am sure that those people who were present at Nick’s speech, understand what a great person this little man is. Nick visited about 57 countries all over the world. Some of them he visited more than once. He is the best motivational speaker of the 21st century. I am sure that it is not too easy to travel when you are disabled, but God is always with this man. Nick understands that his speeches can help and motivate hundreds of people and today he is ready to travel many times and the distance means nothing to him. Now Nick is about 35 years, he had a beautiful wife, two sons and the couple is waiting for twins.

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The role of traveling in our life

Traveling...for some people this word means nothing, for others it is a great dream or a way of life. Many people always try to save money and travel during the vacation time. The everyday routine can kill everybody that is why people prefer traveling from time to time. They need to change something at least for a week. And often the memories and positive emotions from the trip can help us during the long working days. It is useful to read some lifehacks from professionals -

Thanks to traveling, we enrich our cultural level; we see wonderful places and know more about our planet; we get new impressions and emotions that make our life more vivid and interesting. We know where to spend winter holidays.

Often people spend time at home watching TV or using the Internet. Every day we can see how other people live, how many interesting places are in other countries. There are hundreds of TV programs, pictures on the Internet, interesting blogs which advertise us a different life, a different world (more about advertising is here - And many people think that it is unreal to go abroad, it is too dangerous, too expensive, etc. Believe me, my dear friends; nothing is impossible for you. There are many cheap hotels in European countries, many low costs. You can do everything you want. I do not say that you need to go to Africa for the first time (popular African resorts are here), but you can visit one of European countries (they are not so expensive and uncivilized). Traveling makes a person happy; he begins to live for their own amusement. Nobody wants to go back to bad places. Thus, the journey becomes a drug, and each time the dose has to increase. A new era begins, which is filled with travels to sanatoriums, health resorts and various places in this wonderful world. Many people dream to leave everything and go far away, where everybody is unknown for you. And the most successful people do it at least once in their life.

There are five reasons why you need to travel while you are young and full of energy:

·         Traveling can help you understand what you want to receive in your life. You will meet new people, become a part of the new culture and you will understand what your life goal is. What is interesting for you and what is not? Traveling can help you realize that there are many different ways to live life. And do not forget to make interesting photos (

·         Traveling can make you independent. New countries, new languages and no friends who can help you. You will learn how to survive. You will make the quick and right decisions; think a lot as you will realize that your comfort zone is far away.

·         Traveling can relieve you of a feeling of vexation. Do not waste your time and discover the world while you are young. Here are some tips for you - Often old people say that they are sorry for many things they did not do in life. Do not be like them, use every chance and enjoy every moment.

·         Traveling makes you more educated and interesting for other people. All your experience, impressions can be a great and funny topic for conversation. It will be always interesting to talk about it in different companies.

·         Traveling is a great kind of rest. You can leave all your problems at home and go somewhere, try to live without the Internet for a week, without your phone and different gadgets. Visit the countries where only poor people live ( and you will feel thankful. Feel the real life!

It seems to me that I was born with a love of travel. It is difficult to explain, but new places, new cities, new countries always attracted me. Our holidays with parents always were funny and interesting. We never chose a passive vacation and when we came to the next city, we always tried to see all the attractions.

I was about seventeen years old when my friend and I went on our little trip. For the first time I traveled only in my country, but during the student’s years I had many opportunities to travel abroad. I am sure that choosing a remote job, we have more opportunities to see the world.

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It is always very interesting to visit other countries. It is such an amazing feeling: you become a part of something new. It is very important for me to spend a week or even more in the same country, and then I can feel the culture of the certain nature. As for me, it is not funny to order different tours from a travel agency. Such pastime is boring for me. It is much more interesting to travel with good friends by car or by bus. You can enter the new city early in the morning, when all people are still sleeping and enjoy the wonderful silence, visit the most popular places, while they are not full of tourists. There are some countries that you must visit.

When I come to a new place I always arrange shopping, visited different cafes, parks, sometimes museums (but really very rarely). We have a list of the most popular museums: Before going to a new city or country, I always read many forums and sites with the useful information about this place. Later it is very easy to get directions, you will not waste your time on unnecessary excursions. You will know what restaurants are tasty, where everything is very expensive, what shops always arrange sales, etc. Sometimes it seems to me that traveling is like an illness or addiction. You can spend all your free time, all your money, do not have enough sleep and all it because of traveling. And I almost agree with the thought that sometimes one day spent in a new place can be more useful than ten years which we spent in the native city. People say that traveling is the best medicine for those who are tired of everyday life. After the journey I am always tired, my wallet is empty, I want to sleep all the time. But I have hundreds pictures in my Iphone, new experience, the best impressions and many new friends. Coming back home – is the best part of every trip. You always come back to the place where nothing changes. But traveling can change everybody and you become the different person. Our dissertation writers online know how to write essay about traveling.

One of the most popular reasons why young people are not going to travel is the absence of money. But traveling not always should be long and expensive. You can always plan the budget trip. Choose the season that is not too popular among the tourists; find the travel agency with great sales. The lowest prices are only at our company. Maybe you have relatives in another country? At least you can visit the next city on the weekend and enjoy all the attractions. Visit our website and read the main data about the founders and writers. Students like our company as we have many services for people.

I wish you to have many happy and interesting trips! You may not become the well-known traveler, but you will see how wonderful your life can be!

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