Power Of Words Essay. The Horrible Reality


Power Of Words EssayIt is not a secret for everybody that our words have the specific power and we should be careful when we say some words. This topic was always popular and nowadays it doesn’t lose its popularity, that’s why one of the online academic writing companies decided to talk about this in details. You are not reading the knowledge is power essay but the composition about that, why it is very important at first to think and only then to say. Just one word can bring tremendous opportunities into your life and even fulfill your desires. But it also happens that only one word is enough to destroy life forever.

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Words have power - they are magical

Every day we communicate with different types of people. And our communication skills and also the listening skills play a great role and our success and relationships depends on it. I think that most of you have seen the short video on the Internet about the power of words. The blind man sat on the road and in front of him was the table with the words – I am a blind, help me, please. But day by day people gave him little money. This inscription was sad and negative.  But one girl changed the words on the table and at the same time changed the passerby’s attitude to this blind man. How the words can change the situation! The girl just wrote something positive – today is a perfect day but I can’t see it.


We like to communicate with each other. It is one of our needs. They say that if to sum all our conversations for the whole year, it would be about 66 books and each of them will have 800 pages. Women are more talkative than the men. Girls say about 30 thousand words per day and man – 20 thousand.  That is why sometimes it is really difficult to control what we are saying as we just have no time to think about it. Nothing opens so not at a time like our mouth. It produces many problems.

Useful Advices

1) Talk only about good. Positive thinking can make miracles. Try to practice it for the months and you will see the great results.

2) Don’t criticize anyone. Believe me your life will be easier without critics. You never know the true person’s motive, so you can’t judge the acts.

3) Do not say bad things about yourself. Forget about such phrases: how stupid I am, I never come in time etc. If you want to learn to be always calm, read this essay - https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/top-20-ways-to-calm-down-when-things-are-bad.

4) Never discuss the different wars, terrorist attacks, scandals, mistakes. We life in the Internet area and news are always in front of our eyes, but be wise, reading them and don’t take everything close to your heart.

5) Try to be polite everywhere and never forget about thank you and please. These words are always magic.

Blessing or curse

There are a lot of words in different languages which we use almost every day and don’t even think about their meaning. But be careful, maybe your unconscious confession and is the main reason why you have something in life you don’t want to have.

I think that people know about the word’s power from the very beginning. From ancient times sons wanted to receive the father’s blessings. And when father said all the blessings the son felt happy and believe that all these words will come true. Unfortunately, curses also play a great role in people’s life. Some people even pay money, if they want someone to be cursed. It is really horrible and awful.

Always remember these things:

  • The tongue guides my life. My words become my destiny.
  • In a word, you can destroy everything that you've collected all your life. One extra word can deprive you of a friend. An incorrect word can kill a child, destroy a team, causes a collapse in the heart of a person. One word can resurrect, encourage, save a person's life. The whole scandal begins just with one word.
  • My language shows everyone who I am. One man told – start to speak and I’ll be able to see who you are. It is hard not to agree with this statement.

So, if you like to say how poor you are, that you are always lack of money, your children are so stupid and unhappy, please, stop doing like that. Of course, saying it you guarantee the poor life for yourself. Let’s take the Jews as an example. These people always admire their children, praise them and almost never scold. When the Jewish child will get a bad mark, his parents won’t be angry and won’t scream why you're not careful and stupid. They will say – you are the best child ever and the cleverest one. I don’t know why it happened but I am sure that you can be better and deserve the very best. It is interesting, but the fact, that Jews are really clever and successful in life (https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/10-great-losers-who-became-popular).

I think that our task is to learn to speak sincerely and with inspiration, with care and understanding, so that every word of yours goes straight from the heart. This is what gives beauty to speech, and such kind of speech will surely bring success and happiness in your life. Maybe you understood the power of one essay, I don’t know. But I wish you will understand everything what we discussed in this composition and make the right conclusions. Control what you say, as our tongue can say words too fast. It does not always work for us.

At last, I want to leave you the words from the Bible: If you want to enjoy true life and have only good days, then avoid saying anything hurtful, and never let a lie come out of your mouth. Online essay grammar editor can give you a rest for some time and check all your compositions.

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