Robert Frost Essay: Facts About Author's Life


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Poetry is one of the most interesting and deep spheres of a literature in the world. We can find every essay on Robert Frost consists of his devotion to poetry. He is one of the most significant poetry writers in the history of the USA.  Robert is a four time winner of Pulitzer Prize. The works inspired a lot of people and gave them a specter of emotions during reading. The author who changed the concept of writing. The person, who didn’t succeed at his homeland in the USA, but started his thorny path in Great Britain. One of the most influential poets of the 20th century is Robert Lee Frost. How he became successful? Let’s find out! However, if you’re interested not only in poetry and also like traveling, check out top worlds outstanding travelers! It’s definitely fascinating!

Beginning of Robert Frost’s essay, his life and becoming a writer

Famous personality Robert Frost was born in San Francisco in 1874. He lost his father at the age of 11 and was brought up by his grandfather. Robert had attended Dartmouth College before he entered Harvard University in 1997. He had studied there until 1999. As an ordinary human, he met his wife at the age of 21 and got married. Her name was Elinor White and he naturally fell in love with her. Frost’s life was full of losses and desperation. He lost two children and was quite stressed out. All the falls and grieves which he met during his adolescence and youth influenced his poems and formed him as a pessimistic writer. Robert describes his grief in each poem, his contemplation of the world was full of pessimistic and sad words. He explained the world as a center of different and indescribable forms which we can feel, touch and see but can’t understand its own perfectness. He didn’t write about some love stories, feelings, it seems too weird, because his love relationships were not so good and hard for him during his life. Frost doesn’t describe his life immediately, according to difficult and emotional situations. He preferred to write it after a certain period of time being unfeeling and strict. If to talk about Frost’s adolescence and youth, he had two different jobs. Robert Frost worked as a school teacher and farmer. Before he became an author, he was so weak to cope with poverty ( Robert had been looking for his real affair, his inspiration and sphere where he could transmit his feelings and could show up to people that he can cope with something more important and more sensible.

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Original way to fame and creation of «The road not taken»

Robert Frost started creating his poetry in England, but succeeded in the United States.  Good proofreading work companies help to describe author’s works. Two countries considered him differently. For English people, he was like romantic, the person who perceives spiritual and ideological values and reflects them in his work. For American people, Frost was a man, who represents reality as much realistic as he can for those times. Americans saw his as a personality, who doesn’t afraid of «real life» and writes about it courageously. Robert Frost essays explore this occasion from their point of view, so they can be judged differently. Sometimes, it’s so hard to find many essays, but leading custom writing service can offer you everything you want. Furthermore, the author had a style, which can be affirmed as existential. Style that shows life as a path to get over dark and lamentable sides of our lives. During his creative way to fame, he wrote two types of verses. These are rhymed verses and white verses. Rhymed verses had the traditional style of writing compared to white verses which had free technique and could be composed without precious size. White verses were more popular in his poetry, because this type of writing gives authors the possibility to think, to create, to introduce some ideas and to present special way of thinking concerned an attitude to life problems and emotions, which life induces. We see in white verses author’s reflection, an image, a place which he wants to show us and to describe it for us. In the beginning, Frost represents his point of view towards objects, reality, personalities (if you want to read about other personalities, you can check ( giving us a start of thinking about it. Until the end reader tries to understand and perceive Frost’s motive, so it becomes clearer page by page, because Robert starts writing in objective way.

«The road not taken» analysis

It’s not a secret that the verse «The road not taken» is the most famous in Frost’s career. Verse captivates any audience from first words. This is a unique representation of our life and difficult choice that we find every day. Robert Frost writes about two ways, two different paths to uncharted future. The main hero doesn’t know about his future. He should find the right and appropriate way to happiness and carefree life. One of them is a path where people were a lot of times, absolutely safe path where people walked. On the other hand, we see another way, completely uncharted way to new life and new worlds. The main hero hesitates, thinks that he chose the wrong way. As we know the new road is the way of meeting new people, new problems, which will make you better than you are. The main hero chose the second way. The way where people hadn’t been before he was. He started the right way, kicked – off new life which will bring him to incredible and unexpected discoveries.

To sum up, it should be said that Robert Frost created magnificent and interesting poetry. Poetry where each of us can find himself in these different and vital situations. Some of these events will help to find out a resolution to our life problems. The road not taken analysis shows us that we are who we are. It is for everybody of us to choose a destiny and an aim of our own path and not to get lost. We have to think about our real motivation and our vital purposes. Robert Frost is a writer who had an urge to poetry, which influences and doesn’t let you us go until the end. Poetry is a way to calmness and thunderstorm inside your soul. Robert Frost represents different sides of the soul. That’s why genius people «leave a trace» in literature during centuries.

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