Secrets Of The Great Titanic


It seems difficult for me to find a person who has not heard about the tragedy of the shipwrecked Titanic or did not watch the famous film. Many years ago this story shocked the world. The tragedy is huge, the deaths of thousands innocent people and who would have predicted such an outcome? Now you are a happy passenger of the most beautiful ship, and in a short period of time you are in the abyss of a cold and cruel ocean. Today our academic English editing service wants to tell you some facts related to the shipwreck of the famous Titanic. It's not about the film of the same name, but about a real steamer and some details of that terrible accident. Our company specializes in writing different kinds of papers of different levels. Take advantage of our services and you are guaranteed to receive quality work in the shortest possible time. We appreciate every customer.

In general, the size of the Titanic is interpreted a lot. This ship was the largest at that time. It seemed the creators provided every detail of this titanium, they were right to be proud of what they created. But fate decreed in its own way and the ship could not stand its first trip. It is strange to realize that a great number of passengers have never arrived at their destination.

Today there is a large traveling exhibition called Titanic. The creators of the exhibition tried to recreate the Titanic from the inside (cabins, halls, corridors). At the exhibition you could see things that survived during the shipwreck. If you have the opportunity, be sure to visit this exhibition. This is a real chance once again to feel the depth of the tragedy and plunge into the mysterious past.

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Truthful facts about Titanic

So, 1912 became for the passengers of Titanic fatal. When, the ship collided with an iceberg, it took only 2 hours to go under the water completely. There were many passengers on the ship, but only a third part had survived, and the rest disappeared in the deep waters of the cold ocean for ever.

1) The owners of the Titanic were overconfident, they did not even doubt that the ship could not be sunk. Then they decided: for what reason we should keep a lot of lifeboats and vests if they only take up space and never come in handy. That's why there were only 20 lifeboats on the ship that could hold about 1200 passengers. What did this mean for such a huge ship? It was only half the crew. It is known that on board of the Titanic was about 2207 people.

Therefore it is not surprising that passengers of the second and third class had little hope of salvation. In a panic and fear, first of all, everybody saved themselves and the rich people. This moment was successfully displayed in the film of the same name.

2) As a result, only 712 people were saved, not 1200. Are you wondering why? The answer is very sad. Stupid sailors placed in boats only 20 people, although the boat was designed for 65-70 passengers. And only when the chief engineer realized what is happening he instantly ordered to stop this disgrace and fill the boats completely.

3) Titanic went on a sea voyage on April 10, 1912. It set out from the Southampton Port. The crew and the seeing-off people were full of hope. Around there was fun and everyone was looking forward to a comfortable and fascinating journey. Of course, they went on the most fashionable ship of the 20th century. But no one suspected that for the majority of tickets on the ship became fatal. Who could say that many people will never step on the shore, that this ship will be their grave, that Titanic was seen for the first and last time by all of the seeing-off people. So, just a few days later, on April 14, almost at midnight, a huge ship hit the iceberg. The holes caused by this collision proved so numerous and strong that the ship began quickly sink to the bottom. On April 15 at 2:20 am the Titanic disappeared forever. All the detailed information about our company is here.

4) The ship "Carpathia" was at the closest distance from the Titanic. The sailors heard a lot of SOS signals and immediately went to the place of the tragedy. It was "Carpathia" that saved passengers who were still alive (they were in boats or fought with the ocean).

5) Once an Australian billionaire Clive Palmer decided to recreate the famous ship legend. In other words, it should be exactly the same cruise liner as the Titanic, simply modern and taking into account all the safety measures for passengers. Honestly, I would be afraid to be on board the new Titanic. Although I am not a superstitious person, but still ... It was supposed that the structure of Titanic 2 would be completed in China in 2016. But, people say this Titanic also came across an iceberg, though financial. There are rumors that for the past several years the Australian billionaire has not supported this project financially. But as it will be further, it is still unknown.

6) The most recent survivor of this Titanic died in 2009 at the age of 98 years. Of course, it's about Millin Dean. The girl was the youngest passenger on board and by the will of fate she survived. Everyone had the opportunity to see Melvin in the famous film of the same name. The girl at the time of tragedy was just a baby, and she learned about the details of that fateful day after many years from her mother. Her family rode third class and were one of the few surviving poor families. Of course, the beautiful love story of Rosa and Jack has nothing to do with Melvin. The woman died in a nursing home, in complete poverty ( But she always believed that the shipwreck changed her life, because the baby was taken to America, and she again found herself in her native England.

7) If you think that only people were on the Titanic, then you are mistaken. Of course, some families could not imagine their journey without pets. During the rescue operations, in addition to 712 passengers, two dogs were rescued ( I hope their owners were also alive and appreciated so humane act of rescuers.

8) 1997 gave the whole world the eponymous film Titanic. This film has collected millions of dollars and impressed millions of viewers. Until 2009, the film was making a huge profit, but than "Avatar" moved the Titanic from the leader position. The film is about Rose and Jack and their love before the great tragedy. They say that Miss Dean never watched this famous film, which allegedly described her own story. Maybe this lady had her own reasons for avoiding this movie.

9) It is known that tickets for a ship were sold depending on the level of comfort. So, from the third class the smallest number of people (about 25%) were saved, the second class was luckier slightly more - about 44% of passengers were saved, and for the first class 60% remained. The panic appeared in the first class immediately and they firstly got to know the truth about what happened.

10) Are you interested in knowing how much you had to pay for the most elite first class ticket? Even for today, this amount is simply impressive, and what about the late 1912? Do not try to guess, I'll tell you the figure right away - the ticket was $ 4350. But even thousands of dollars in the pocket of passengers were powerless to help them on that fateful night, when money meant nothing.

11) In the pictures and photos of the original Titanic, we see four huge pipes that proudly rise above the deck. They give the ship a beauty and greatness, and many believed that the pipes honestly fulfill their purpose. But the truth is that only three pipes were working, and the fourth was a kind of decoration of the ship.

Interesting facts about film Titanic

  • the film received 14 Oscar nominations;
  • it was directed by James Cameron who was seriously preparing for filming, he many times immersed in the water and inspected the remains of the Titanic. As a result, it turned out that the director spent more time on board of the drowned ship than real passengers. For the whole time of filming, the team was very deeply imbued with tragedy;
  • actors for the main roles of Jack and Rosy agreed to participate in the shootings even when the script was not fully confirmed;
  • why was Caledon Hockley called that way? The secret is this: this name comes from the names of two cities in Canada, where the aunt and uncle of James Cameron lived;
  • to film the last scene, where the ship goes to the bottom it took about 120 tons of water;
  • when the interior scenes were shot in Rosa's cabin, original paintings were used, because even large museums or galleries agreed to cooperate with the director;
  • the famous portrait of Rosa in the nude style was drawn by none other than James himself. It is his hands that we see in the frames of the film;
  • when Cameron wrote the script, he simply created the character of J. Dawson and Rose. But then, after the completion of the script, he will discover that some Joseph Dawson really was and although he was buried with everyone, but it is his grave that is considered the most visited.

The director tried to make the film as realistic as possible, he prepared for more than five years, studied the details of the tragedy, tried to convey the Titanic both outside and inside in the best way. All furniture, and interior were carefully prepared to order. I'm not talking about the structure of the huge model of the Titanic, in which the majority of filming was conducted. James was very demanding, often the actors could not immediately play the way he imagined the individual scenes. Everything was very difficult, besides, the budget was much higher and the company was very angry because of this. They say that James was even going to be fired, but too much money was invested and there was no turning back. Although many people did not believe in the success of the Titanic, but the results and the number of views have all surpassed all expectations. It was a real success and we should be grateful to Cameron for such a profound adaptation.  Here is best cheap essay proofreading service.

I think the history of this ship proves once again that nothing created by human hands is eternal. You can not exaggerate the strength and mind of a person, because unforeseen situations, natural elements and so on are capable of destroying even what can not be destroyed. Hearing about the Titanic, my heart freezes every time. Yes, to understand the tragedy, to see that panic and the fear of many people helped me the eponymous film. No wonder this film for 12 years was considered the most profitable. And now many people do not mind to reconsider and recall the events of those days.

A few years ago, my friend and I went to the cinema on Titanic. It would seem that everyone has already seen this story of unhappy love a million times, but believe me, in the dimly lit hall of the cinema, the sobs of many spectators were clearly heard. The history of this ship, shown on the example of several passengers, does not leave anyone indifferent. Rose and Jack forever remain in the memory of millions of spectators. Although no one survived, who had a direct relationship to this tragedy, people of the 21st century still remember this special and terrible case. I sincerely hope that shipwreck of such dimensions will never happen again. After all, at such moments, through the fault of the builders, thousands of innocent people are killed. Let us always remember this truthful and terrible story. Nowadays thousands of students think: I’d better pay someone to write my essay and will have no problems. Sometimes it is the best way to save time.

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