Essay on Food: Unhealthy Food And Its Impact


Unfortunately, most people think about their nutrition only facing some problems. Have no doubts that it is much easier to buy some unhealthy food instead of cooking yourself. However, such lifestyle can cause many horrible consequences. Maybe if you will find out what exactly it is necessary to avoid you will be wiser next time and that is why this food safety essay is so important. We hope this essay will help you to change the current situation with your nutrition. You may find best custom writing service and all range of services we propose on our website. Contact us if you have any questions concerning our company.

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1)    Horrible impact of junk food on our nutrition.

There are hundreds of cafes, like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC selling various types of sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, grilled pieces of meat covered with fat and sauce. I have no doubt that such food is very tasty and sometimes I also think about it and want to buy it but at once I recall all the problems that might occur if I do it. For example, hamburger, which is known by everybody. Best argumentative essays online only on our website. It contains sliced bun, grilled piece of meat, some slices of vegetable, but it is obviously not enough to call it a healthy one, a lot of sauce and cheese and God knows what else. You may find detailed instruction of the biological level of hamburgers in this junk food essay. Such type of food is very harmful for our nutrition, firstly because of a genetically modified structure of its components and secondly, mixture of many components might be difficult for our stomach to digest. If you want to change your life in a more healthy way, read life changing healthcare innovations. Considering meat, such type of cooking is intended to dry meat and with the liquid, all the vitamins disappear. The final product even has no taste. Instead, it is replaced with sauce, spices, breadcrumbs and so on. So, if you want to have a healthy stomach for the years to come you must avoid junk food in the first place. See more on 5 ways the junk food can mess with your brain.

2) Fruit and vegetables from supermarkets.

The second topic we want to discuss is fruit and vegetables. At the first view, these products do not cause any problems but let’s have a little agricultural discourse. If you need good custom essay writing services on any topic, just click on order now. Many conditions might be considered to grow any plant. Sometimes such conditions are impossible to achieve and that’s where pesticides and similar chemicals come out. Being added to the plant, it helps to get rid of insects, increase the rate of growth and provide many other advantages for the seller but not for the customer. The second thread is genetically grown plants which is the topic of many types of research and this genetically modified foods essay is one of the most interesting among proposed. These experiments are intended to provide fruit and vegetable with features specific to other plants or even animals. It is better for you to pick the fruit and vegetables carefully, ask your friends or relatives, buy trusted brands. Speaking of which, you can check all the latest food trends on this website

3) Beware the bakery

Everyone loves bakery. The variety of fillings and frosting attracts more and more people every day. We eat them for breakfast, dinner, and supper, and we actually get used to such nutrition and forget about healthy food because it is tasty, it is fast and it is sold almost everywhere throughout the town. What is the main ingredient of any bun? It is butter i.e. the fat. Did you notice that having eaten a lot of buns, you feel such a heaviness in the stomach? This is one of the possible consequences. Grammar is a very important aspect of writing, so read essay grammar check: pros and cons to get acquainted with this topic. In addition, excessive consumption of buns can cause problems with memory and even heart diseases. It is rather difficult to avoid bakery but having read this information I hope you will do your best to do it. There is another way to make you friends or relatives happy with these top ten handmade presents you can create an extraordinary present for each of them.

4) Chocolate enemy

This is the strongest enemy of the hundreds of people all over the world. So many tasty bars with nuts, fruit filling, a variety of shapes and tastes, beautiful desserts with the chocolate as the main ingredient drive crazy so many people. First of all, excessive consumption of chocolate can cause weight gain because there are a lot of calories even in one bar of chocolate let alone filling. Among the consequences, it is important to mention diabetes, one of the most horrible diseases in the world that is not yet treated. Using online essay checker services can save a lot of your time and increase the quality of your essay. Teeth problems are also included to the set of problems caused by chocolate and this is only the beginning of the list. It is not necessary to avoid chocolate at all, just reduce the amount you eat every day to the minimum value and you will see the result literally. In fact, people who don’t it chocolate at all have beautiful and smooth skin. Believe me, less chocolate is your way to healthy nutrition. See more on chocolate negative side effects.

5) Water is the best option.

What is the most widespread drink all over the world? Even a little child will answer you: “Coca-Cola”! It is served almost everywhere and if you look around walking the street, the number of people who drink it will terrify you. Buy also you might be terrified by the amount of sugar in a little bottle of such drink. The excessive consumption of such drinks can cause diabetes, stomach cancer, and many other diseases so it is better to avoid them at all. More information about cancer on this website  

It is very difficult to get up every morning, and the only one thing we think about is coffee. This beverage gives the energy for the whole day but who will tell you about the price you pay. If you drink coffee every day your heart bears huge loads causing heart attack regardless the age. So, if you want to wake up in the morning, wash your face.

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