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World War II was the most terrifying event in the history of the human kind. Thousands of brave soldiers died protecting their own countries with honor. However, only one event is stacked in our memory. As far as you might understand, it is Holocaust. Essays about the Holocaust are very important for each of us because it is impossible to build the wall and stay aside from it. Our best academic writing team prepared many interesting posts for you. If you want to know more about what kind of company we are or the range of services we propose you are welcome to proceed with these links. In case if you need more information about Holocaust, you may find it here Important Facts about the Holocaust.

Also in this section:

1) The Holocaust began in January 1933 when Hitler became the leader of Nazi Party and ended on May 8, 1945.

2) Josef Mengele was the German scientist who committed terrifying experiments on Jews, mostly on women. They didn’t even dare to call his name, so they called him Angel of Death, and this is the most appropriate name for such person like Dr. Mengele. He is known to study female contraception. None of the women he operated survived. They know, once they entered his laboratory, there is no turning back. The full biography of Josef Mengele, Angel of Death.

3) It is known that Hitler offered British, Canadian, USA and other governments to take 100,000 Jews as refugees but they refused.

4) Having shot the prisoners, German soldiers forced others to dig the huge grave for them despite the fact that there were members of their families killed.

5) Sometimes German soldiers just hanged the prisoners and watched them slowly dying painfully without screaming. Moreover, they made photos with the killed Jews by themselves and kept such photos in their chest pockets with the photos of their own wives and kids. When Russian army liberated concentration camps, they found many such photos and were shocked.

6) Alfred Hitchcock’s documentary film about Holocaust, made in 1945 was banned in all European countries. Soon it was lost and nobody knew where in it. Only after 39 years, it was found and the world saw this motion picture. If you need to buy argumentative essay online, our website offers good discounts and high quality of paperwork.

7) Polish soldier Witold Pilecki deliberately surrendered to the German soldiers and became a prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp in an attempt to spy out the information about it. He managed to escape and presented the detailed report about current situation in Auschwitz concentration camp. If you want to be able to handle with your fear, read this article:

8) German company “Leica” that manufacture optical systems and photo cameras helped hundreds of Jew to escape from the country before the Holocaust took place hiring them and sending abroad.

9) Heinrich Himmler had one of the most important roles during Holocaust. Himmler found the extermination camps on the territory of Eastern Europe and the first concentration camp called Dachau in Germany. The British soldiers captured him in 1945, but he managed to commit a suicide before being judged. If you still hesitate whether it is necessary to check the grammar of your essay, read essay grammar check: pros and cons.

10) Violence and barbarity during the Holocaust inspired many authors to write about it, to tell millions of people about terrifying events of Holocaust. One of the famous novels is Sophie’s Choice written by William Styron. This is the story about Polish woman imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp with two little children, a boy, and a girl. When German soldiers saw them in the crowd, they decided to have a little fun and forced her to choose between her children, who is going to live and who is going to die. She made a choice but whether she could live with this guilt in her heart, you will find out only having read the novel. If you really love reading books this essay dedicated to the book science might be interesting for you:

11) On January 18, 1945, Soviet soldiers entered Birkenau and found men’s and women’s clothes and a lot of hair in the warehouses obviously for the further reuse.

12) The third part of all Jews was murdered during the Holocaust.

13) German soldiers used carbon monoxide in gas chambers. Soon, it was changed on Zyklon B. Once the door is shut, the walls of the chamber start releasing deadly gas. This gas had a horrible impact on the human body. According to the report of SS doctor Joann Kremmler, the victims laid down on the floor of the chambers covered with their own blood.  

14) Some European countries denied the fact that Holocaust ever took place and today seventeen European countries have a law that forbids denying Holocaust considering it as a disrespectful behavior. Using online essay checker services is your guaranty of the highest mark for your paperwork.

15) More than 1.1 million children died during the Holocaust.

It is important not to forget that we are humans we must behave appropriately. All these gender and racial problems are just echoes from the past. As history always teaches us not to repeat already made mistakes.

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