My Favorite Teacher Essay. To Be A Teacher Is Not Easy


To Be A Teacher Is Not EasyEach of us has to deal with teachers and that’s why our custom writing online service decided to talk more about this profession. Thanks to the teachers we received our education.  As for me, teacher – is one of the most important professions on the Earth. Teachers are like our parents for some time, as at school we spend most of the time. Many things depend on the teacher.  It is very important to have the necessary skills, to teach the children, to explain the new subject, to make children listen to you. The level of knowledge of the child and the future profession and career depend on all these skills. The art of education is that you can educate only by your own example. A teacher is someone who loves and understands the true essence of his profession.

There are many teachers of the year essay on the Internet. Most of them are the same, but this one is not like the others. Our writers always try to be individual and they have their own style of writing. There are many services at our company, so I’m sure you’ll choose something useful for you. If you need a help or can’t understand something connected with our job – contact the managers from the Custom Support. You are on the right way if you are looking for the cheap online essay proofreader.

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Who Is Teacher For You

Who is a teacher for you? What role he played in your life? What does he mean to you? I think that answer on all these questions will depend on the age of the person. At 7 years old we could hardly explain who is a teacher. But when we are 16 or 18 we understand that teacher plays a great role in our life and he/she teaches us and helps us. When adults answer these questions they can say that teacher is a childhood. The teacher is knowledge. The teacher helped you to open the door into unknown world.

During the school years we meet different teachers. Some of them are perfect, others – not. I think that this profession has a lot of responsibility and it is really to be born a teacher. Believe me, to be clever and well-educated person, to have deep knowledge on your subject and to be able to teach others is not the same. It is more difficult to teach others than to be taught.

As for me the perfect teacher should understand his students and be ready to help them at any minute. It is not easy, as there are many students at class, but the teacher is one. The profession of the teacher was the most difficult and the most popular forever. And this person is responsible for the generations. And I am sure that not everybody can be a teacher. It is not easy at all. You need to be creative, funny, serious, well-educated, work a lot and it is just the beginning. Children should love you as you loved them.

Modern Teacher

Essay about teachers always describe this profession as useful and interesting. But do you think about all the problems the modern teacher have? I am a teacher that’s why I know what I am talking about. We live in the area of digital revolution and most children are sure that thanks to Internet, they are the cleverest on the Earth. Of course, Internet is very useful in education but it spoiled the children. Nowadays you don’t need teacher to ask something and get new information. Children became very lazy, noisy, they are impolite and don’t respect the teachers. And the parents are too busy to pay attention to marks. That’s why the hardest part is for teachers. Their task is the same – to teach. But modern children are not like they were twenty years ago. Very often they don’t want to learn something.  Their behavior during the classes leaves much to be desired. Modern teachers try to use all the modern methods to interest their students (  And sometimes even funny projects can’t help.

But from the other side modern teachers are lucky. They have thousands books of specific literature, they can find different projects on the Internet, gather on different conferences, communicate with the same teachers, share the experience etc. They have more opportunities to teach and to give knowledge for others nowadays is much easier (

Best Teacher Ever

In my best teacher essay I want to tell you about my English teacher. She played a great role in my education process. She was the first who noticed that learning foreign languages is easy for me. She told it to me and my mom and after that I started to visit the special courses. I never regretted it.

I graduated from school many years ago but I still remember my English teacher. At that time she was quite old but she loved us and her lessons were always interesting. Her lessons were not boring and always the same. We read a lot of books and always discussed them. I remember the dictations, the answering at the blackboard, how we were afraid of the tests and how happy we were, when received the best marks. I am sure that this teacher did not make a mistake, choosing her profession. She liked her job, school and students and we felt this.

Thanks to my first favorite teacher English became my favorite class forever. And I don’t know why, but during my school and university education I always had perfect teachers on this subject. Who knows, maybe thanks to my English teacher I chose the same profession. I am thankful that in my life I had people which I can take as an example.

At the conclusion I want to say that it is very important to respect the teachers we have. Most of them do all the best to make you educated people. I think that every teacher dreams his/her students become very successful in future. But the most important joy for the teacher is the gratitude of the students. Let’s try to understand, appreciate and respect out teachers forever. Believe me all of you will remember the school years with sadness, even if now it seems to you that you hate everything connected with school. If you are tired and exhausted, maybe it is time to have a rest and let the perfect essay writing service write some papers instead of you.

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