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True Superheroes Among UsOur custom writing company has essays on different topics but today we are going to talk about something special – about a real hero and miracles.

Best college essay writing service for students is going to introduce you Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger. Have you ever heard of miracles in our lives? Have you ever thought when and why they happened? Our life is full of unexpected things and sometimes such things happen we were not expected ever. You can be rich, successful, happy and full of life, but once you can buy a ticket for a plane and this flight can be the last flight in your life. Sometimes people survive just thanks to one man or woman, who was able to save others. Today we are going to talk about one flight which almost turned into a disaster but thanks to the qualified and clever pilot everything came to its happy end. I think you have guessed that it will be discussed the accident with liner and the birds and the wise actions of the cleverest pilot ever – Chesley Sullenberger.

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The Biography

Nowadays Chesley Sullenberger is American pilot instructor passenger airlines. He became famous after a successful emergency landing passenger jet on the Hudson, caused by a collision with birds over New York. Till this event only some people knew how a good professional he is.

Chesley has a perfect family. He was not the only child (he has a beautiful sister). His pa worked as a dentist and mother – a teacher. In 12 years, he joined the community of people with a high IQ of Mensah.

When Sully was 16 he took his first lessons at privet aero club nearby his home. Later the famous pilot will say that all the knowledges he received at this time became the basis of his career as a pilot. Chesley Sullenberger graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and became a top flyer. Soon he became an officer in the Air Force. At that time his studying was not ended as everybody noticed that Chesley is a talented young man and soon he became a student of the Purdue University.

To Become a Superhero

Now it is time to talk about that unhappy day and flight which still finished successfully. That flight meant a lot for everybody in the board as it could be the last moment of their lives. The accident happened on the 15th of January 2009. The day did not bode anything wrong. After the liner’s take-off for the first minutes everything was okay but when the plane has reached the 975 m above the ground it met a lot of geese. This meeting was fatal as both engines were damaged. After the breaking the pilot could deploy the aircraft over the city and landing on the water. It was a great risk but Sully has no time for asking an unscheduled landing on one of the airports. He had to act quickly and confidently. He succeeded and nobody was injured. The cabin was still dry and everybody was taken on the fender liner and special ships for several minutes evacuated everybody. The pilot checked the cabin twice – everything was okay. All admired the pilot’s act but he was shocked for some time. The accident has influenced him greatly. And now he has nightmares, and he is still waiting for the investigation. Everybody including the mayor and the ordinary citizens consider him a hero - and Sully is afraid, waiting for the outcome of the investigation.

Some people said that Sully and the other pilot could land the liner in one of the two airports which were not far from the place of accident. In this case they would not have risked the peoples’ lives. But people in the committee had made a mistake – they forgot to take into consideration that time Sully needed to agree on the possible landing places and to make a decision. Later everybody understood that both pilots were right and Sully was acquitted. Since that accident Sully is considered to be a famous hero and 155 people know that he saved their lives.

Interesting Facts

1) There is a special song about the pilot. The music band Electric Youth and the French maestro electropop College (David Grell). The song is called “A Real Hero”, and you can hear it in the film "Drive» by Nicolas Winding Rёfna.

2) His last flight as a pilot of airlines Sully made from New Orleans to Charlotte in 2010. Jeff Skiles was his co-pilot.

3) The plane A320, which Sally landed on the Hudson, is situated in the one of the Charlotte’s museums. It was on his way to this city in that unhappy day.

4) The film “Sully” was made to illustrate the events of this story. It is fully described the situation and the main character was really satisfied with the result of the film. The hero said that directors and actors could really show his internal feelings after the famous landing. That accident was not in vain for the pilot. The man really was suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, manifested in insomnia, persistent memories of what happened and high blood pressure. On our website you can also read about popular superhero movies.

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