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Advertising Essay: How To Convince The Consumers


Advertising and its formsToday advertising is the engine of the progress. Huge amount of people work on advertisement creation, and that is why its new forms appear almost every day. The use of modern technology allows to project and implement the most unbelievable ideas.The advertising has penetrated the deepest aspects of our daily life. You can see advertisements in mass media, on the transport, at points of sale, on the Internet. The advertising attracts with its bright colours and ...Continue reading

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American Civil War Essay. To Say No To Slavery


Hundreds of civil war essays were dedicated, but it’s not still enough, because freedom is inexhaustible topic. Almost every nation has a hard experience of civil wars. Modern Americans deeply respect their history, so they can talk and read about their heroic bygone forever.To write the essay on civil war is not simple (but we can help you to do it), because you should perfectly know the history of this freedom-loving nation. Every civil war essay is unique and unrepeatable, and if you ...Continue reading

A Worn Path Essay. A Woman, Who Could See With Her Heart


If you like to read about strong-minded women, then the short story “A Worn Path” is just for you. You want spent much time on reading it. I promise, it will take you fifteen or twenty minutes.  On our website you can read a short, but interesting “A Worn Path” essay about this story. We can do such kind of written work – specially for you.So, let’s talk about “A Worth Path” and the great American writer Eudora Welty.Eudora Welty was named ...Continue reading

“1984” Essay. The Last Man in Europe


There were written a lot of different “1984” essays, but all of them are about the same - a totalitarian dystopian world.  On our website we present you one of the George Orwell “1984” essay. We are happy to help you to write “1984” analysis essay, or “1984” essay thesis, or any other kind of written work.George Orwell wrote a really undying novel, in which he describes a totalitarian dystopian world. In this world people really do not know ...Continue reading

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Writing Assignment On Social Media Etiquette


What social networks do you prefer? Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram?  An average American student spends about two hours on social media. However, some users just don’t know how to behave on the Internet. Common decency is often ignored, let alone kindness, generosity, or compassion. Being a socially responsible company, feels obliged to remind etiquette on the Internet. Compliance with these rules will make your online activities safer and more exciting. ...Continue reading