Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay: For And Against


There are so many questions about marijuana today. Is it harmful or not? Does it cause addiction? Does it damage the health? Should it be legalized? and many many others. Also there are so many myths and false arguments about cannabis which we will try to explain or even dispel in this marijuana argumentative essay. Should certain types of drugs be legalized? This issue remains very urgent for several years already. Cannabis is one of the most discuss kinds of drugs. Mostly such debates are ...Continue reading

How to Write an Essay on Odysseus


To understand classical literature better, you have to analyze it for yourself because being a passive reader will hardly do you any good. That is why professors often ask students to write Odysseus essay, giving them the opportunity to analyze a piece of classic. If you are not one of those students who order their works from essay writing services, here are some tips how to submit a great work written by you and get a high mark for it. Read the book What are the chances of doing a good job ...Continue reading

Censorship Essay: Do We Really Need It?


Censorship is one of the most debatable subjects of all the times, so there are so many censorship essays already written. In this censorship persuasive essay we tried to gather all the information on this issue that you need to know. Censorship has a lot of supporters and opponents, that is why we decided to discuss the meaning of censorship, its advantages and disadvantages, relevance in our time, arguments “for” and “against”. Censorship is state authority control ...Continue reading

Essay About Yourself: Not A Soapy Drama


I sat still. The horror paralyzed my musculoskeletal system and held me tight. Its cold hands penetrated under the skin and made my body trembling as if it had been 20 degrees below zero and I had been absolutely naked. Unfortunately, no coat was able to save me from these chilling feelings. My eyes were closed and I wasn’t able to make myself open them. The extra bright and frequent light flashes were so powerful that they blinded me even with the thoroughly compressed eyelids. Both ...Continue reading

Immigration Essay: East Or West, Home Is Best?


You wonder why people can’t stay within their own countries and move around the world in search of a better life. A lot of people are really sure that a person should be of use and do his best to live better only in the country, where he was born. In fact, the rightness of such an affirmation is more than doubtful because each of us lives under different conditions. If your motherland isn’t rocked by the armed conflicts and you aren’t deafened by everyday bombardments, if your ...Continue reading

Inspiring Ideas For Your School Lunch Box


Hardly a person is able to stay calm in the morning, especially if you are a mom and a wife in one. You need to cope with all the sudden questions, which arise while your family members are running about the house in attempt to pack all the needed things. Every mom knows that nobody but she is able to prepare her kid and husband for a long and busy day at school and at work. If you are a mother of many children, your problems will double or even triple. Thank God that polygamy is forbidden in ...Continue reading

Abigail Williams Essay: The Afflicted Girl defines witch-hunt as an intensive effort to discover and espouse disloyalty, subversion, dishonesty, or the like, usually based on slight, doubtful, or irreverent evidence. If existed back in 1450, it would have probably had a different description of it, something like “a search and followed up execution of people, who were suspected of practicing witchcraft and, therefore, called witches”. Were any of those people actually guilty? Does witchcraft ...Continue reading

15 School Items That Distract You From Studying


I was a student myself and I am telling you that I know perfectly everything about the ability of young people to find a thousand and one reasons why not to do the homework. Carrying out the race for leadership and good marks is the hardest task for any guy. It is not even just my own guess. The harmful influence of distracting factors has been studied long ago. No, it’s even not a lack of motivation, which makes the students be averse to concentrate as much attention on their educational ...Continue reading

What Students Want And Don't Want To Hear From Teacher


I still remember the incident, which happened to me when I was a small and green schoolchild, who had known no bad treatment before this. When I suddenly flicked away all the copy-books from my teacher’s table, this careless movement of mine made her really furious. I thought she didn’t think for too long. She gave a slap upside my head and pronounced the phrase, which hurt me even more than her palm. ‘Hey, open your eyes! You are moving like a hippo!’ Even now, when so ...Continue reading

Cheerleading Essay: Sport Or Dance


The popularity of cheerleading is increasing rapidly in recent years. This new direction is interesting for the people of different ages, first of all for children and teenagers. The organizers of the sport and cultural events want to see dynamic and vivid dances of the girls in bright costumes as part of their program. TV channels invite cheerleaders to take part in the programs or in video recording with the artists. So in this cheerleading essay we will tell you what the word ...Continue reading