Essay About Happiness: How Far Is It?


Each generation of people is preoccupied with the same questions, which are not rhetorical in fact, though nobody has still given any rational responses to them. Such dilemmas as ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ and ‘Can happiness be bought?’ make the most curios people look for the answers for years. If the question about money has already been studied, the chicken with the egg is still one of the greatest mysteries for humans. Let’s leave the chicken ...Continue reading

Smoking Essay: Why You Should Quit It


Has not humanity still realized the real harm of smoking? Has not realized the scale of the nicotine disaster? After smoking a cigarette the number of heat beats per minute increases, pressure increases, blood vessels constrict, all these later cause formation of blood clots. The risk of sudden death increases in several times. As it is said in any essay about smoking, smoking is one of the most common habits that damages human health and effects negatively all human life. Heavy smokers have a ...Continue reading

Character Trait Essay: Must-Have Qualities


Take your monopod and just make a selfie. Looking in the mirror will be good enough too. What does the image from the photo look like? What does the appearance of the person, who is looking right in your eyes, may tell about him? Usually, one sight may be enough for a professional physiognomist to determine what qualities the person under investigation has. His facial contours, eyebrows’ line, shape of lips and even the wrinkles on the forehead are able to help to look deeper into the ...Continue reading

Super Stars In Basketball Essay


Basketball is considered to be one of the most adorable sports throughout the world and the number of its fans can’t stop growing. Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan are the names, which are well-known even to small kids. Everybody is able to recognize these two-meter-tall sportsmen, who can be called the kings of basketball without exaggeration. Those people, who go crazy over the brilliant play of these men of genius, are able to say: basketball is the coolest ...Continue reading

Police Brutality Essay: Good And Bad Cops


More and more often we are informed about the scandalous news about the police violence, which is directed towards the common civilians. The cases of severe beating, fearful tortures and even some fatal episodes make the shivers start running up and down the back just at the mere thought of going to the police station. The guardians of the population’s civil rights do not look after discipline but break the law themselves. The armed policemen have already lost their spotless reputation and ...Continue reading

Obesity Essay: Tender Soul Under Coat Of Fat


I know a lot of those, who scorn the obese people. They say that the fat men are ugly and their manner to chew something all day long is really annoying. It seems that this non-stop chewing is able to make furious even the calmest person in the world. Thank God, I am not among them and I stay absolutely neutral to such a habit of people. Nobody is able to say that too fat people are bad. I even believe that each of them has a super tender soul and nice feelings under the fat layer. ...Continue reading

My Goal Essay: In Search Of The Dream


Very often I am asked how I see myself in 10 years or so. The last time, when such a question was posed, I had to reflect on it and shape my thoughts in my goals in life essay then. Long ago I began to understand that if I want to be able to give any rational response, it is evident that I should be ready to meet such a challenge and have at least a couple of dreams to present to my interviewer. Although I am armed with the perfect answer now, some years ago I looked at my opponent ...Continue reading

Global Warming Controversy: Is It Really Happening?


Debate over the phenomenon of global warming has long been on the rise all over the world. The following global warming argumentative essay will attempt to clear out the concerns of the public and answer the question of whether global warming really threatens the humanity or whether people have no grounds to worry about the climate change. Like other essays on global warming, the following global warming essay will try to persuade the public that since the issue of climate change was especially ...Continue reading

Pollution Essay: Global Killer


If somebody thinks that it is impossible to destroy life on the Earth and bring this large and immense planet to great collapse, you simply have no idea about the dimensions of pollution, which is caused by people daily. Every living being on the planet is sure that his actions are too slight to result in any catastrophe for the mankind. In fact, each of our deeds becomes super harmful when they are added together. Of course the destruction of environment is not very visible at once and it needs ...Continue reading

Stop Animal Abuse Essay: Feeling No Guilt


Despite the fact that we live in the super developed era, some really terrible phenomena still happen in our life. In fact, it is impossible to imagine that nowadays there are the places, where the animals are tortured and skinned alive. It is hard to accept the facts of killing the animals just for fun or money and that there are people, who do this with no sense of guilt. Frankly speaking, I can’t make myself call the killers, who are cruel towards the animals, ‘people’, ...Continue reading