Spices And Joys: How To Improve The Quality Of Life Quickly


Tibetan tips: how to improve the quality of life

According to Sherab Barma, student of Tibetan lamas, founder of two big clinics in Nepal, master of Tibetan massage, creator of unique recipes of medicines and medical cosmetics, “Ripa” Buddhist Center in Moscow director, specialists of custom service online Livecustomwriting have a pleasure to present key points on what makes harsh diets often not work and what details can contribute to improvement of life quality quickly. By the way, Live Custom Writing belongs to best academic writing sites, consequently information published here is truthful and verified. So, having intention to collaborate with experts in college paper writing field and get qualitatively created written work, there can not be better option than choosing our site. Now we present another essay, having read which you can make sure that we provide texts of high quality. Read and enjoy!

Quality and duration of a human life are directly influenced by style of life and discipline. Most people unfortunately do not posses necessary level of discipline. Create your own discipline. Let it be everyday five minute morning exercises or a complex of breathing exercises. Do not try to follow fashion in this case (for example going in for fitness), but build your formula of recovery, which will work personally for you. Additionally, check our essay on sports for better results: https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/essay-on-sports-keep-fit-and-stay-healthy.

Strict limitations in nutrition along with harsh diets are something not healthy at all. Food ought to have such a feature as variety. This variety is better to be built according to your body constitution and style of life. And of course, remember about the balance. Keep in mind that knowing of limits is more essential than anything else.

Cumin, nutmeg, cloves are three main spices for long life. Keep them always within easy reach. And of course never forget about ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Add these spices in milled form to whatever it can be possible: to soups, to rise, to second courses, cardamom along with ginger can be added to tea or coffee. All mentioned spices contribute to getting “closer to land”, consequently we mean they help to calm down and to feel a firm ground under your feet.

Health food is what you have cooked with your own hands. Eat as much as possible warm food, especially when it is cold. Perfect food should coincide with the temperature of human body.

In Tibetan medicine they recommend to drink boiled water and it needs to be boiled no less than five minutes. Especially it works if someone has problems with digestion. It is accepted to believe that we need to digest only firm food. However, we digest water as well! Raw water is heavy, but boiled water is much lighter. It strengthens human immune system, is useful for throat, stomach, liver and digestive system. When drink a glass of raw or bottled water, have you ever felt stomach heaviness or swelling? When it is cold outside (in cold seasons), it is especially useful to boil water. A glass of warm well boiled water with a spoon of honey on an empty stomach and half an hour before meal is extremely useful, especially for women. Such a drink, by the way, contributes to losing of weight if one drinks four glasses per day.

Now it goes to meat. Here again it is necessary to adjust to personal features of each particular body. In particular, to adjust to digestion type that an individual has. For someone meat brings use, for others it would be better to limit its amount. For sure, there is no obligation for everyone to eat it every day. About one or maybe two times per week will be absolutely enough. Spinach, spirulina, mushrooms, leguminous plants (beans) go without saying, are perfect substitute for meat.

A lot of modern people, including very young ones, have weakened kidneys. Especial risk for them is in cold seasons. Try to avoid sitting on something cold or wet, especially it has relation to women. For woman’s health the state of kidneys has fundamental meaning. Also, get dressed appropriately to the weather. It is believed that drinking of cold water with lemon in morning is useful for human health, that it is kind of detox. However, keep in mind that lemon has cooling qualities, what also weakens kidneys. So, be careful with such a drink, especially in winter. Hot drink with ginger and lemon, also tea can be added, is much better. Ginger warms and stimulates digestion.

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Facts of significant importance about diets

Stevia as an alternative to sugar. Stevia is a South American plant, which Paraguayan Indians traditionally use as a sweetener. Leaves of stevia are fifteen to thirty times sweeter than sugar, and an extract called “stevioside” is 250 times sweeter.

  • Pros of stevia are: it does not contain calories and does not increase sugar level in the blood.
  • Stevia cons: among possible side effects there are flatulence and nausea, it can not be taken along with antidiabetic and cardiac drugs and it has bitter aftertaste.

Fermented products instead of artificial probiotics. Sour cabbage or a glass of kefir contains billions of useful bacteria, much more than a capsule of artificial probiotics, which are digested much worse. According to Drew Barrymore nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, everyday intake of fermented products normalizes the balance of intestinal flora, contributes to loss and stabilization of weight, improves skin condition and increases general tonus of human body.

Fats for weight loss. Fitness coach Zana Morris in her book of 2015 entitled “The High Fat Diet” publishes action principle of a diet with a high content of animal and vegetable fats. Having refused carbohydrates for ten days and having enhanced amount of fats, which do not increase insulin level, you will switch your body to fat burning mode instead of fat storing. In combination with everyday twelve minute work out such a nutrition mode allows to lose for about four or five kilos in two weeks. By the way, nutrition essays are also available in our blog: https://livecustomwriting.com/blog/essay-on-food-unhealthy-food-and-its-impact.

Steamed green vegetables hide great use inside. In steamed green vegetables there are much more antioxidants than in boiled ones. Just a couple of minutes are enough to cook them. Wait till vegetables become soft. Boiling, unfortunately, destroys a lot of useful elements, which are preserved while steaming. So, it seems obvious what should be given preference to. Keep in mind that such healthy options are now available even in fast food restaurants. Look trough top Quick Service Restaurants list on our website.

Tomatoes are cancer fighters. Freshly prepared tomato paste and stewed tomatoes maintain twice more carotenoid called “lycopene”, which reduces cancer and cardiovascular illnesses risk. Lycopene protects our cells against harmful influence of environment. Read cancer research essay, which is available now in our blog.

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