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essay on beauty

“Definition of beauty” essay is an individual reflection of the person’s life.

How many times were you tricked by the beauty? This feature is quite controversial. Something or someone could seem so attractive to you at first, but then you can realize that it was just a fake. And what is the reason for these disappointments? Maybe, the answer lies in your perception of beauty. Have you ever been thinking about its definition? Our inquisitive team of professional writers, editors, and researchers investigated this term and prepared a thought-provoking post for you. We discovered that the beauty is a harmonious combination of perfect things, which causes a long-lasting esthetic pleasure. Our team doesn’t only explore interesting problems but also prepares essays, research papers, dissertations. Editing and proofreading services are also available on our site.

Beauty surrounds all people, but, still, everyone understands it in his or her own way. Our definition of this feature changes as we gain life experience. It becomes deeper and more comprehensive in the course of time. You will definitely need mature thoughts while writing an academic essay on this topic. Watch the kids. What do they consider to be “beautiful”? If you want to give them a present, they will choose something red and shining in most cases. Children have a primitive definition of the beauty, concentrating mostly on visual senses. And what about old people, for instance? They appreciate quality, usefulness, attention, emotions. “Beauty” is a very powerful word for them, it’s more than just an attractive picture. Sometimes, you really need life experience to understand it fully.

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 Many factors define a person’s understanding of the beauty.

  • Nationality determines the basic principles of this feature. Ideal appearance varies from country to country. Geographical position, climate, cultural level form a certain definition of the beauty. The natural look is popular among Frenchwomen, Australians appreciate sporty bodies, Koreans like paleness and Brazilians prefer tan.  Some peoples have very strange standards of the beauty. Tribes in Kenya like huge earlobes, Japanese latest trend is about a fanged look, women in Thailand are known as “giraffes” because of long necks, Ethiopia’s tribes use scarification to make faces more attractive. In most cases, people in primitive regions change their appearances, and a natural beauty is more appreciated in developed countries.
  • Education also influences beauty standards.  Take, for example, backward African countries. What does beauty mean to them? Bright rings and patterns stretched lips and plump figures. People don’t realize that they destroy their health with certain manipulations. Lack of knowledge about common physiological processes is the main reason for this situation. For instance, girls in Mauritania are suffering because of violent overfeeding. Obesity is a key point for the beauty in this country, but people don’t care about physiological and mental health. Ears and mouth stretching is dangerous too. It can cause an inflammatory process.
  • A character and a temperament form a person’s perception concerning beauty. As a rule, calm well-adjusted people prefer natural appearance. Temperamental individuals appreciate bright images. Wise people take into account not only external beauty but inner attractiveness too. And what do you think about our authors? They are all so different: modest and sociable, cheerful and serious, optimists and realists. However, their attitudes towards beauty definition are similar. Our team takes this feature as a deep multidimensional concept. It is because they are all sensible. So you can not only find necessary essay writing services on our site but meet a team of very interesting people too.

And what is your attitude to the beauty? Do you have your own definition of this term? If you are puzzled by this question, order an essay on this topic. Our talented writers will prepare a profound paper with vivid examples for you. It will help you understand the full meaning of this feature. In fact, our company is multifunctional. We take all writing tasks, regardless of the difficulty and the theme. Even if you need an academic paper editing due tomorrow, don’t hesitate to place an order on our site.

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“Beauty essay” – types of approaches to its definition

            We can rephrase a famous proverb and say: “So many people, so many definitions of the beauty”. This feature has so many determinations, that we decided to categorize them according to approaches to this characteristic.  Our team interviewed different groups of the society, read scientific literature and just posts on social media about this issue. We always do our tasks in a responsible manner, that’s why the quality of our essays is always very high We identified the following types of the beauty.     

  1. Beauty according to the ways of perception. Our brain gets information through all sense organs. Most of the people rely on their vision. That’s why we can identify the visual beauty. We can notice it in stunning appearance, gorgeous paintings, and sculptures, marvelous landscapes and architecture. The mission of our company is to use the beauty of the words while implementing tasks for students and pupils. The college life is easier with our writing services. The beauty of sounds enjoys our ears and brain too. Delightful songs, lyrical poems, birds singing, rain melody, even just pleasant words add charms to our life. Sometimes you just need to touch something in order to feel its beauty. Cozy clothes and comfortable pillows seem very attractive to us, even if they are old-fashioned. Soft big hugs can be more important than a pretty face. Some people feel beauty in fragrances. It’s not about perfumes only. The scent of fresh-cut grass, aromatic coffee, sweet raspberries, bitter chocolate are often associated with real delight. And what is your favorite flavor?  
  2. Inner and external beauty. Which one is more important? There are so many debates on this topic nowadays. Our authors also like to talk about it. Their conversations are very sensible because of the high level of professionalism External beauty fascinates us. It inspires poets, writers, painters, singers. Cult of the woman’s allure is reflected in their gorgeous masterpieces. Pleasant appearance gives us aesthetic pleasure. External attractiveness helps to make a good first impression. And an inner beauty gives a complete picture of the person. It shows a real essence of a man, his or her soul, and a character. Mass media often show people with either external or inner beauty. For instance, there is such a cliché about women: she can’t be beautiful, clever, and kind simultaneously. But the truth is that inner and external beauty are two halves of the whole thing.   If a person has only one part of it, it causes disharmony. Our team keeps the balance of inner and external beauty. We pay enough attention to the content and design of our site. Here you can order any writing services from short texts to enormous dissertations.
  3. Pure and artificial beauty. Nature creates splendid landscapes: majestic mountains, emerald woods, dazzling snow valleys, coral sunsets… Animals and birds delight us with their wild good looks. Glance at those graceful flamingos, cute pandas, amazing peacocks, gentle butterflies… Appearance means a lot to all living creatures. It helps them to survive, adapting to the environment. Charles Darwin suggested that outstanding features play a great role in evolution. For instance, huge antlers and bright feathers make males more attractive. The list of the most beautiful animals includes a colorful mandarin fish, a funny fennec fox, multicolored candy crabs.  The Madagascan sunset moth is on the top of it.  Many people are lucky to get a natural beauty. Nevertheless, humankind creates fascinating things too: outstanding pieces of architecture, musical compositions, paintings, sculptures, etc. The harmony is an important aspect of the artificial beauty.
  4. Eternal and temporary beauty. Temporary beauty fades with time. In most cases, it is dictated by fashion and mass media. Our society invents ideals of beauty practically every year. Usually, they don’t leave an imprint in the history and in anyone’s life, in particular.  Nowadays we think that some beauty standards of the past centuries are weird. Black teeth of Japanese, unibrows of Greece women, pale Frenchwomen, Europeans with huge wigs don’t seem nice to us anymore. Maybe, in future plump lips, sporty bodies and thick eyebrows won’t be popular and good-looking too. However, beauty can exist timeless. A smile of Mona Lisa and an attractiveness of Venus will be always alluring. Eternal beauty is not only reflected in the pieces of art. Have you ever noticed that the person, you really love, seems always cute to you? It is because eternal beauty is associated not only with appearance but with inner state too.
  5. True and fictional beauty. The beauty can be real without any fakes and compromises. We can see, touch, or feel it.  It’s about perfect features of the appearance and the inner world. But sometimes beauty can exist only in our dreams and fantasies. We make fiction images while looking at perfect pictures on Instagram. Its filters smooth all disadvantages, photographers show the best sides of the models. So we don’t notice real wrinkles and tired eyes. Writers can create marvelous pictures of the beauty in our brains by using appropriate words. Our authors also create fascinating stories. Order one of them on our site. You can even find proficient dissertation writers online there.  The beauty can be even a deception.  Have you heard a story about a Chinese man, who divorced because of the plastic operations? He married a very pretty girl. But she gave a birth to ugly kids. This woman had improved her appearance before marriage with the help of surgeons. This fact made the guy so furious, that he abandoned his family.
  6. Sentimental and rough beauty. It’s a mistake to associate the beauty with sentimental stuff only. Of course, all those tender poems, cute romantic girls, fascinating moon nights, fragrant roses are really very nice. But courageous men, majestic rocks, storming seas, sounds of the rain have their own charm too. The symbiosis of these two types is very harmonious. It could be a great idea to write about this combination in your essay. And if you are not sure about mistakes in your paper, just pay for editing an essay online.   

All these types of the beauty influence our lives. The power of the aesthetics can be so strong, that people can even have a Stendhal Syndrome. It’s a sort of disease when the person has dizziness and hallucinations caused by the beauty. It happens very often when impressionable persons see gorgeous masterpieces in museums or galleries.

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And what about the beauty of your life? It could be mysterious or real, original or popular, ideal or with little flaws. But the most important thing is that it should be harmonious for you. You could find more tips provided by our authors on our blog

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“What is woman’s beauty” essay - the truth about this cult

When people talk about beauty, a woman is the first person they imagine. Females are even called the charming part of the humankind. The woman’s allure is a power that encourages men to create pieces of art. Tons of literature, paintings, sculptures, musical works, films are devoted to delightful girls. A woman’s beauty inspires men to become heroes. But it can have not only a positive impact. So many fights are started because of these charms. Do you remember Helen, who was a reason for the Trojan War?  

You can’t find two equally beautiful persons. Even twins have differences. Beauty is a deep comprehensive feature, which consists of many components. And their combinations are unique for each man.

  • Physical data. Scientists proved that the main point of the woman’s attractiveness is the figure’s curves. So, it’s not so important to have parameters 36-24-36 inches. A woman can have 40-28-40 inches, for instance, and still be very alluring. We can’t deny the rules of the “golden ratio” while talking about the beauty. Long ago ancient mathematicians explained the perfect proportions of the ideal face and the body. Leonardo da Vinci used this principle while drawing his masterpieces. And nowadays we still accept these standards, subconsciously choosing the most beautiful women according to the science and harmony.
  • Health is associated with beauty too. The first thing is that a woman without serious diseases and harmful habits looks natural and fascinating. Healthy hair, clean skin, slim silhouette, bright smile, shining eyes are key points of an attractive appearance. Moreover, men are looking for future mothers for their potential kids unconsciously. Therefore, they appreciate healthy women.
  • Charm is a sort of magic, that captivates men with the help of invisible beauty. Cheerful laughter, smart sight, self-presentation skills and vivid facial expressions add more attractiveness than just an ideal body and a cute face.
  • Intelligence and soul form an inner world of the woman. In some languages the word “beautiful” has the same meaning as “good” and “nice”. But this point is not only about kindness, honesty, generosity, and other positive features. The person should be interesting too. Even top-models lose their attractiveness if they are not intelligent. While studying at the college you can order competent homework help for students on thoughtful themes. Thus, you can compensate the lack of your knowledge. But remember, that wit and good thoughts are integral elements of the real beauty.
  • Deeds describe the beauty of the woman too. They reveal the truth about the essence of the person. Fraud, betrayal, inaction can overshadow any beauty.

Have you ever thought about two sides of the medal, concerning the women’s beauty? If you decide to write an essay on this topic, don’t forget to check its grammar with the help of professional online services One side is a shining appearance, effortless communication on different modern themes, an easy-going character. Mass media created a fashion beauty cult, showing perfect faces and figures of the famous people. But what stands behind all those careless looks?  What is the real price for the perfection? This feature is not always associated with a happy life. It’s connected with certain sacrifices, enormous efforts, and tragic episodes. Physical attractiveness has always been a reason for envy. That’s why the beauty cult has sad consequences.

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European inquisition is the most dreadful price for being charming. It killed so many beauties violently and unfairly. Historians claim that more than one million of so-called “witches” were burnt during that time.  If you want to know more about this grievous page of the history, order an essay on our site. We are always ready to help with any writing tasks  

Health often becomes a high price for the beauty. Girls endure high heels, exhausting physical exercises, painful massages, senseless diets, kilos of makeup just to be dazzling. People don’t only rely on their genes and nature trying to preserve their beauty. Plastic operations are quite risqué and expensive, but, still, women agree to do them. The cult of artificial beauty is, unfortunately, still popular.  Just think about its extent. It’s a very popular topic for discussions and essays. If ever need to buy a college research paper online on this topic, contact our support team. We have a lot of materials concerning this issue. Take Brazil, for instance. Every 5 minutes 4 plastic operations are made only in this country. It’s not a big deal for people there, but rather a habit, a usual thing. One of the reasons to make these operations is to change the consequences of the international marriages. People want to preserve the features, which are specific to their nation. They don’t accept the beauty of the mixed appearance. But the main cause of such procedures is the wish to meet the demands of the fashion trends. The plastic operation is becoming the best gift for a teenager nowadays. Many operations are made anonymously.  So the real statistics can’t be accurate. Still, the figures are very sad. Almost 20% of such operations are not successful and have a negative impact on the health.

The beauty can have an unreasonably high price. This issue is worth considering. And as for our site, it always provides a cheap essay writing service online. So don’t think too much and place your order.

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And what is your understanding of the woman’s beauty? Tell it to our support team while ordering a paper on this topic. Make sure that it writes the best essay for you deeply researching each theme.

Essays on beauty - why do we need them?

What is the point of writing essays concerning beauty, if we have so much information about it on mass media? The Internet and television are full of perfect images, adorable photos, and bright articles. Maybe, the best way to explain beauty is just to show your favorite post on social media. A delightful picture or a video will explain your attitude. Still, we get these writing tasks from our teachers and professors. Of course, if we are stuck with them, we can just find a competent website for essays. But at least try to do this assignment yourself and feel the advantages of this way.

  • New knowledge. While writing an essay, we start investigating this issue. For some people, it’s the first time when they realize that the definition of the beauty goes far beyond an attractive picture. In most cases, we talk about this feature superficially, paying attention mostly to visual elements. Fashion idols, beauty contests, and stereotypes of good looks give priority to the appearance. And the deep research of this issue gives new explanations, shows other standards and principles of this concept. It helps to look at this term from the other hand. If you don’t have enough information, find assignment services in the UK. They will provide their own results of investigations and share their knowledge.
  • New values. As a rule, essays are based on arguments and real examples. Genuine stories about beauty shift our priorities. The history shows that many standards of attractiveness are not eternal. Some of them can cause serious health problems. While reviewing beauty all over the world, we find different standards and idols. We can write a list of thesis like professional essay sites do This list will help us make certain conclusions. For instance, if you are upset because of some extra pounds, don’t give up. Just think that at least African tribes like your image. And who knows, maybe in some years your figure will be a fashionable trend. What’s the point to change your appearance to meet the demands of the modern fads? Just pay enough attention to your health and harmony.
  • Self-development.  Essays encourage us to become better. They prove the necessity of the personal growth. Papers on the beauty show all dimensions of this feature and its dynamics too. We realize that it’s important to take care not only about appearance but about our inner world too. The way we get knowledge about it doesn’t really matter. We could investigate a topic ourselves or hire a writer to help with college assignments online. But the main thing is that we get inspiration to improve our lives.
  • Actions. Our actions are determined by the thoughts. While investigating aspects of the beauty we can change our model of the behavior. For instance, this post could dissuade you from the plastic operation.

Do you consider yourself beautiful? Have you already found your own definition of this feature? Don’t ignore this magic power that attracts and encourages people, leaving long-lasting emotions and recollections after itself. Learn to notice charms in natural things and live in harmony. Don’t let external factors dictate the beauty standards of your life.

Beauty can remain just a theme of the essay, a sort of an abstract concept for you. You can delegate your task to online assignment help companies and don’t even remember about it anymore. It’s your choice to see charms only in bright images and fashion. Or you can think beyond these borders and open a new world of the wonderful stuff.

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