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essay on terrorism

Essays on terrorism reveal the main essence of the threat

Terrorism is a sorrowful tragedy of our contemporary world. It has already destroyed so many destinies and, apparently, it is not going to stop. Being a brutal way to fight for the certain ideals terrorism takes thousands of people’s lives every year.  You are lucky if you never faced terrorism in the reality. Let an essay about it be your only problem concerning this issue. At least, it can be easily solved by our company.  We created our project to help people with writing tasks. Taking into account the difficulties of the student life, our team provides the best decisions to cope with these problems. Aren’t you tired with difficult research papers, dull essays, huge dissertations? Do you have enough time for all college assignments? Our team is always ready to help you with all these issues, as we are available 24/7. Besides, we provide editing and proofreading services. Our authors regularly post entertaining articles on the blog sharing helpful advice on studying and discussing important problems. Our company is the best smart college paper service due to our professionalism, experience, individual approach to the clients and appropriate prices.

Nowadays so many TV-series are devoted to the problem of the terrorism: “Quantico”, “The Brave”, “The State”, “Six”, “Greyzone”. Have you seen any of them? Their spectacular and brutal scenes seem to be unbelievable. Unfortunately, the terrorism is not a fantasy of the screenwriters. Such films as “Munich”, “7 Days in Entebbe” “The 15:17 To Paris”, “Argo”, “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” are based on the real events. So, what is “terrorism”? There are a lot of definitions of this term. Nevertheless, they have one common idea. The terrorism is a violent method used by a group of people or one person to reach a certain goal, accompanied by intimidation of peaceful population or the physical abuse.

The terrorism is not a common crime, it has its own peculiarities.

  • Public nature. The main aim of the terrorism is to draw attention to the certain problem. The terrorists want all the society to know about the seriousness of their intentions. They never act anonymously, they openly claim their demands and ideas.
  • Fear environment. The terrorists use dread and desperation as the major instruments to manipulate people.
  • Indirect manner. The terrorists don’t influence their aim directly. As a rule, they use hostages to make other people fulfill their requirements.

What makes people become terrorists? Is it just a wish to conquer the whole world? A revenge? A religious fanatical idea? Do you have any ideas concerning this issue? Are you ready to write a paper on this topic? If you have no answers to this question, our team can write your essay for you. We have already investigated this problem, so we have a lot of materials on it. For instance, we revealed the following reasons for the terrorism.

  • Political reasons. The imperfection of the current political system always causes the public discontent. When the government doesn’t react to the problematic situations properly, the terrorist act could be the only way for desperate people to fight for their rights. The weak central authority, that doesn’t guarantee an appropriate order and security, can be a reason for the terrorism.
  • Religious reasons. Religion can be the only morality for a person. Being the main set of the life rules, it can make people intolerant of each other. Some confessions are very conservative and strict: Judaism, Islam, Amish movement, Catholicism, etc. They carefully protect their traditions and views on life. The attempt to interfere with their way of life could cause dangerous conflicts. Violence breeds violence. Thus, a national or a religious genocide can be a reason for the terrorism too.
  • Economic crisis makes the life of most people very difficult. The high rate of inflation, low incomes, unemployment adversely affect the well-being of the whole population and each person, in particular. Lack of the hope, confidence, and prospects cause desperation. If this state lasts for a long time, it can the reason for decisive actions.
  • Ideological reasons. Each man needs to believe in something. We don’t always worship a certain god. The ideology can shift religion in people’s value system and become an instrument of the terrorism. Thus, the communist party of Peru - Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) fights for the ideals of the modern Marxism-Leninism and Maoism. The information and the ideology are often called the “heart of the terrorism”.
  • Geographical reasons. The land has always been a cause of the conflicts. Natural resources such as water, oil, soil, seas, rivers determine the wealth of the country. As a rule, several ethnic groups have to share the territory of one country. Trying to preserve their own traditions, history, values, access to the resources, they fight for the freedom. All these factors can trigger terrorism too. For instance, the group "Basque Fatherland and Liberty" (ETA, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna) wanted to make its region independent.  It deals with the territories situated in the North of Spain and in the South of France.
  • Social inequality and injustice always make people desperate and embittered. A wide gap between segments of the population causes serious misunderstandings. It’s unbearable to see the luxury way of life for people existing below the poverty line. The imperfect social policy doesn’t protect vulnerable layers of the society, thus, plunging them into awful conditions of life. All these factors can finally cause extreme reactions such as terrorism or even a revolution
  • Fashion and trends. Unfortunately, some teenagers find idols among the terrorists. They don’t understand the whole tragedy of the problem. The Hollywood images of these bandits seem to be very cool to them.  Who knows why the evil attracts them so much?

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Essay on the terrorism in the world–myths and truths about the problem

Nowadays the terrorism is widely spoken all over the world. The mass media reflect this issue from different points of view. There is so much information concerning it on the Internet, that one can be baffled. You should analyze the facts properly in order to make your own mind on the terrorist acts. Have you ever written an essay on this topic? It’s a quite common assignment for students and pupils. The task to write a paper about these crimes helps to draw the teenagers’ attention to this problem and to make them think about this tragedy. If you have any difficulties with this assignment, turn to our team of skillful writers for help. Our authors always review carefully the information while writing essays. For instance, they have revealed a lot of misperceptions and myths concerning the terrorism.  

  • Humane methods are the main means of fighting against the terrorism. Nowadays a liberal approach is widely used to change the tense atmosphere in the world. A lot of governments promote peaceful ideologies. Nevertheless, these methods don’t work in critical situations. All those demagogic talks are helpless when it deals with the people’s lives. The destructive ideology of the terrorism can’t be defeated by another ideology or propaganda only. Antiterrorist conferences and meetings can’t counter missile and bomb strikes. Words and persuasions can hardly struggle against real weapons. However, discussions can provide a peaceful way of thinking. They form a small part of fighting against the terrorism, still, they have a right to exist. We also make a contribution to this struggling. Our proficient assignment writing company posts thought-provoking articles on the world peace.  
  • Terrorists are common bandits. The aim of the common criminal is primitive. As a rule, he or she wants to get money only. As for the terrorists, they have their own tenets and ideals. They are blind fanatics focused only on their philosophy.
  • Terrorists are poor people. According to the official data, many terrorists are the representatives of the middle class. And what’s more interesting, they are headed by the richest people of the world. If you want to know more information concerning these facts, turn to our excellent student essay writing service for help.
  • Illiteracy is the reason for the terrorism. Having analyzed the biographies of the terrorists all over the world, American scientists concluded that two-thirds of them graduated colleges and some of them even had science degrees.
  • The terrorism is about the Islamic religion. Some people associate the terrorism with Muslim religion only. The terrorist acts happened in the Middle East are perceived as a common thing.  Unfortunately, the geography of the terrorism is worldwide. It’s a threat for the whole of humankind. Do you remember the terrorist attacks in London and Paris? They shocked the society, as these cities were considered to be the peaceful places. Islam religion is not the only reason for the terrorist acts. Each continent faced this tragedy due to the activity of different terrorist groups: Ulster Freedom Fighters from Great Britain, Spanish GRAPO, Japanese terrorist organization Aleph, the Indian communist party, Columbian revolutionary party, etc.
  • The terrorists have psychological problems and mental disorders. This fact is rather controversial. It’s hard to imagine that healthy people can become such rude and unprincipled criminals. Actually, physicians can’t find any disorders of their minds.
  • The terrorism is the most terrible threat to people. The real statistic shows that the most frequent reasons for the death are automobile accidents and diseases. The terrorism is not so widely spread as it can seem.

We have dispelled myths concerning other concepts too:

Our meticulous writers tried their best to investigate the realities of the terrorism. Academic level and professionalism are significant advantages of our company. They helped us to find serious aspects concerning this tragedy in the shortest terms. Thus, we revealed some undeniable facts about terrorism.

  • Chaotic nature. The terrorist acts are very hard to predict. No one knows for sure, where and when the next accident will happen. Governments spend millions of dollars on the safety and intelligence each year. Nevertheless, the terrorists, acting in secret, organize cruel events all over the world, choosing new cities and ways to reach their goals. It is scary that criminals find new places for their aims. They are not restricted to the territories involved in the war conflicts. The Middle East, the Russian Federation, and the USA are not the only victims of the terrorism. Recently, the terrorists have chosen cities of Western Europe as locations for the terrorist acts. Who could predict that London, Barcelona, Stockholm will suffer so much in 2017? Moreover, the airplane is not the only mean of the transport chosen by the terrorists anymore. The subways and trucks are becoming popular too.
  • Manipulation. The tragedy of the terrorism lies in the psychological manipulation. The victims killed during these acts are not the main aims. They are instruments to affect people who stayed alive. This indirect unfair tactic helps to influence the society. It is terrible that the terrorists recruit youth, imposing their ideas and principles. As a rule, teenagers don’t have enough life experience and knowledge to evaluate the danger of the terrorism. Their psyche is fragile. Therefore, it is so easy to manipulate their minds. 
  • The ingenuity of the terrorism. The terrorists are becoming tech-savvy and sophisticated. Nowadays progressive technologies make the terrorism very dangerous and powerful. The criminals invent new types of the weapons, use the latest technologies and all the possibilities of the Internet resources. Web-applications and gadgets become terrifying weapons in their hands. The greatest threat is that terrorists can get an access to the nuclear weapon.    
  • The cruelty. The terrorists are terrible people as they ignore humane values. Using heartless methods, they stop at nothing to meet their goals. Their victims are vulnerable layers of the society. They don’t spare innocent people and make no exceptions for children or disabled people. The terrorists shoot even medicals coming to the place of the terrorist act. Our experienced American essay writer learned many merciless facts on the terrorism while writing this post.  
  • The terrorism is inextricably linked with the mass media. It can’t exist without highlighting on the Internet, in the press, on the radio or television. The terrorists want all people to know about their terrible actions. Margaret Thatcher even called mass media “an oxygen” for the terrorism. The wide dissemination of the ideology is the main target of these criminals. The terrorists use the mass media as a way of informing and as an instrument to manipulate the public opinion too. Social media are widely used to recruit young people to the terrorist groups.
  • There are no excuses to use the terrorist acts. Some people try to justify these radical criminals despite all the terrible consequences of their actions. Still, we can’t deny hard facts about this problem.

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The terrorism is a controversial problem. Its existence is connected with certain paradoxes. There is no one common social opinion concerning this issue. Who is considered to be a terrorist? A hero or a criminal, a murder or a savior? On the one hand, the terrorism is a type of the cruel crime. On the other hand, someone could perceive it as a way to fight for rights. There are many opposing views on this issue. Our best thesis writing website has determined the main contradictions of this problem.

  1. A lot of people speak out against the terrorism and violence. It seems like the whole world community is peace loving.  Still, there are hundreds of the terrorist organizations. It’s obvious, that their existence is impossible without the public support.
  2. The terrorists fight for their ideas. They sacrifice everything to this eternal struggle. However, there are people who just make money on this problem. Supply of weapons and manipulations with shares could be a part of the huge business.  
  3. The terrorism is a global problem. This threat concerns almost all the countries. Nevertheless, there is no generally accepted definition of the “international terrorism”. Our authors investigated a lot of resources to find it. We realized that this term isn’t determined officially. By the way, our company doesn’t only research the problems but also provides the best student editing services.
  4. The terrorism is a phenomenon that uses a lot of financial and humane resources. The terrorist group is a serious structure with its own philosophy, strategy, and tactic. However, almost all the terrorist organizations lack competent management. Luckily, the power of the terrorist organizations is weakened by incoherence among their members.

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“War on terrorism” essay – ways to fight the problem

Everyone should be aware of the terrorist acts. It’s not about living in the constant fear. Still, this problem is worth discussing. The governments have to take measures to fight this issue. Moreover, each person needs to be serious about the terrorism too. There is no immunity from it. However, many governmental institutions work on this problem trying to find any solutions. The best college essay sites can also develop ways to fight this tragedy. For instance, our company analyzed official data on the terrorist acts and compiled some efficient ways to fight this cruel crime.

  • The proper system of reaction. Apparently, each government should have a mechanism that regulates terrorist acts. At least, there should be a strong police, a fast reacting rescue service, and a powerful army to suppress the criminal attacks efficiently. Thousands of lives depend on these departments in the cases of emergencies. Sometimes medical services play a crucial role in saving people.
  • Prevention is the best way to solve any problems. Think about your college papers, for instance. They can be definitely more qualitative if you use our website that fixes grammar.  Order editing services and avoid bad marks. As for the terrorism, it’s a serious and global issue, but it can be prevented too. This problem has certain serious reasons. Most of them can be solved at the governmental level. What can our politicians do to cope with this issue? First, an anti-terrorist strategy should be a compulsory course of any government. Everyone needs fair conditions for living and development. The people’s rights have to be a base for adopting the laws. It’s very important to provide youth employment, as teenagers become the victims of the terrorist manipulation very often. The minorities should have equal rights too.  Ensuring proper conditions for the living is a significant part of the anti-terrorist ideology. Nobody is born to be a criminal. Still, children, living on the territories of the weapon conflicts, can’t see anything except the terrorist acts. They know nothing but the extremism. Have you ever read a true story about a boy soldier In most cases, these kids take an example from their parents. The war leaves a long-lasting tragic imprint on everyone’s life. Some people become depressed and someone gets embittered. The opportunities to leave the conflict zone are very important for the peaceful population. They prevent the distribution of the terrorist ideologies.
  • The system of punishment. There must be no impunity for the cruel crimes. The statistic shows dismal facts. Most of the convicted people, who participated in the weapon conflicts, don’t repent of their actions. After serving sentences they take part in the terrorist acts again. The governments should take into account this tendency. Perhaps, a capital punishment    is not such a brutal penalty for the violent crimes.
  • The universal struggle against the terrorism. Unfortunately, some governments support terrorists. It’s obvious that to conquer this problem there should be an integrated worldwide community with defined rules and priorities.

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The scientists identify two strategies of fighting against the terrorism.

  1. “Conservative strategy” implies meeting the terrorist demands. It is about payment of ransom, recognition of the territorial independence, acceptance of the values, the promulgation of the laws, extradition of the criminals.
  2. “Progressive strategy” excludes any negotiations with the terrorists. The governments reject the truce and take decisive actions. The aim of this approach is to eliminate the criminals without any compromises. It was a main strategy of the imperialism Nowadays these methods are still used by many countries. However, we see that the number of the terrorist acts is growing. The progressive strategy doesn’t fight the main reasons for the terrorism, it deals with its manifestation only.

The terrorism is a social problem. It was invented artificially. In comparison with a fight in the natural selection, it’s not concerned with the essence of the human being. The manipulation isn’t an instinct, which is coded genetically. It’s an issue caused by the people’s decisions. Thus, the terrorism is definitely unnecessary in our world. Our team, providing well-qualified academic editing services, came to this conclusion unanimously.

Each terrorist group has its weaknesses. The awareness of these points helps to fight against the criminals too.

  • Channels of communication. The terrorists must exchange the information with each other constantly. They need to recruit new people into their groups. The proper encryption of the data is very expensive and complicated. So there is always a way to reveal the terrorist channels of communication. The modern technologies can help to trace their systems.
  • Leaders of the terrorists. As a rule, the criminal groups don’t exist for a long time without their chiefs. Therefore, the top of the crime organizations should be the main aim of the antiterrorist organizations.
  • The internal struggle inside the terrorist group. Each organization loses its strength when its members fight for the power.

What do you consider to be the best way to fight the terrorism? Our low cost essay writing service can share its ideas concerning this issue. If you ever need a paper on this topic, order it on our site.

We can’t be prepared for the terrorist acts on 100 %, but everyone should do everything possible to avoid them. Sometimes it’s not easy to reveal a real terrorist. The decisions taken in the case of a sudden weapon conflict are very complicated. It’s very easy to get embarrassed in the critical situation. One should evaluate the circumstances quickly and act immediately. Therefore, the information on the terrorism is important for everyone. One can get it from the mass media or trust experts from English writing websites who can prepare argumentative papers on this issue.

The main thing about terrorism is that innocent people suffer because of it. However, political aims or religious ambitions aren’t worth a man’s life. We don’t want our children to experience this tragedy. Let it stay in the past being the dark page of the history. It sounds banal but peace all over the world is the most important task of the politics nowadays.

However, there are a lot of unresolved questions concerning the terrorism. People are still looking for the effective ways of fighting against it. Our college homework assignment help service has reviewed this issue too.  We suppose that the terrorism arises at the intersection of political, ideological, social and national problems. Therefore, it’s important to solve them first.  The best way is to combine the conservative and the progressive strategies of fighting.

Some problems don’t have easy solutions. The terrorism is among them. It is often called the plague of the 21st century. It’s a sophisticated issue, which requires much time and efforts. Students’ difficulties with studying seem to be so tiny in comparison with the terrorism. Do you want to make your life easier? Use the possibilities of the modern world. Order essays, dissertations, and other college papers on our site. There are a lot of companies providing similar services.  However, our project is the best one among them, as we are the only site offering the optimal combination of the proper prices, short terms, and quality results. Besides, we are very friendly and happy to communicate with our clients. We provide round-the-clock support. Our managers are always ready to answer your questions concerning writing tasks. To add some fun to the student life we share helpful advice on our blog. Don’t miss an opportunity to make your life more entertaining. Delegate your college assignments to our professional authors and do what you like most.

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